It’s that time of the year again! You devoured all the Christmas cookies and drank all the egg nog like someone who was lost in the Sierra Desert for two hundred days, and now here you are making another weight loss resolution for New Years. That’s great, but you still love food and you probably won’t stick to your diet unless you're highly motivated by, I dunno, someone like Jang Geun Suk or Yoochun right?! Well, don't worry! I was able to gather a few of your favorite K-Drama and K-Pop stars to help you stick to that diet resolution.

I mean, what better way to solve a problem than face it? That's why you'll find all your favorites below chowing down on yummy foods, and all you have to do is scroll to the end without feeling hungry.

If you can make it through this ENTIRE list without a single urge to wipe out a buffet, then you’ll stick to your New Year’s resolution for sure! Don't worry, I've added some messages of pure encouragement to help you make it to the end! #ImLyingToYou

Silverware Logic

Eating a cheeseburger deluxe with a fork cuts the calories in half. That's why Lee Hyun Woo isn't using his hands durr!

Small Bite Logic

It doesn't matter what you eat. As long as you're taking small bites the calories will never add up. #CommonKnowledge

In the Food Zone

Like Onew, you and the bowl become one.

STRESS EATING: Lee Hong Ki Shows What Not To Do

Look! Do you really want to end up with pasta hanging out of your mouth, practically in tears because you cheated on your diet!?

The Last Meal

Daesung is an example of the pure sugary bliss you immersed yourself in the day before you've officially start dieting.

Diet Enemy: The Naturally Thin Friend

Look at Taemin, he's pretty much saying " Yeah, you mad bro? I can eat all the chicken and you can't. Ha, Ha!" #ShutupTaemin (-_-)

Mindless Eating

You and Seungyeol aren't even hungry but you're eating anyway.

Pretending to Diet

Jang Geun Suk displaying the gestures of someone who is on a diet by graciously picking up one piece of food, but unfortunately isn't actually eating food on their diet list.

Darkest Diet Moment

You're so hungry you're eating snow just like T.O.P #DontDoThis

Luxuriating in Your Food Binge

You've cheated on your diet, now what? L shows that you might as well just give in and go all out. Kick back and enjoy not one, but two corn dogs at the same time while lounging on the couch!

Diet Rebellion!

You've dieted for an entire day! Don't let anyone tell you that you didn't earn that donut, right Key?! #EatTheDonut

Diet Denial, Starring Lee Min Ho

You know you're on a diet, everyone around you knows you're on a diet, but when you're CLEARLY cheating on your diet and someone calls you out on it you're all like, "NO! I'm still on my diet!" Then they're all like "But you're stuffing your face and the food is coming out of your mouth while you're talking to me!" You're still like "Doesn't matter, I'm on a diet, I know my diet, you don't know my diet, don't tell me I'm not on a diet." #YouAreNotOnAdiet

Diet Logic, Starring Lee Jong Suk

It's a cookie, and most cookies are small, and that means barely any calories so you can eat the ENTIRE package.

It Doesn't Count!

Don't think because you stuffed the entire sandwich in your mouth at once like L.Joe did, that this doesn't count as a meal. #SideEye

The Secret Snacker

Crouched down in a corner of the kitchen secretly snacking with your hoodie on. Believe me you won't look as cute as Jaejoong does being a food won't.

Food Feels

Exhibit A: Kevin is enjoying his meal like a normal human being. Dongho on the other hand has discovered "Bias in a Bowl."

Exhibit B: Jaejoong, unable to contain his feels, puts an entire popsicle in his mouth and suffers the consequences.

Side note: I know where your mind is right now looking at this gif (the gutter) but you need to remember, and this is extremely important, RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE! Muahaha!


Snacking on fruit like Zelo. You're doing amazing! Keep it up!

20 Minutes Later...

Eating the entire pot of food. #DietFailWithYOOCHUN

Full Yet? Starring Kim Hyun Joong

So you've cheated on your diet and now there's no turning back. You end up eating to the point you know longer know what the meaning of "full" is.

Sweet Tooth Temptation

Wanting to eat cake because Kim Hyun Joong is eating cake, and then eating the cake because it reminds you of Kim Hyun Joong eating cake. Stop looking at this Kim Hyun Joong cake eating gif! #GimmeAllTheCake

Rabbit Food

Really it's just a rabbit eating a banana, thats all! ^_^

Do you feel motivated, ready to lose those holiday pounds, or are you dialing the number on the take-out menu as you read this?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE