We recently came across this post on Reddit where readers were challenged to connect two movies featuring the same star, and realized how fun it would be to play it with K-drama actors. First up—cleverly connect two Gong Hyo Jin dramas! 

Here's how the challenge works: Pick any 2 K-dramas or movies from the same actor. Those dramas are now part of the same reality. What happened to the actor to get them from drama A to drama B?

Example: After successfully overcoming her own mental struggles that resulted from constantly being kept awake and scared of ghosts, Gong Hyo Jin is inspired to become a psychiatrist. So Ji Sub doesn't support her dream because it conflicts too much with the duties of being the wife of a chaebol company president, so she heads off on her own, becoming roommates with a house of eccentric men, and falling in love with one of her mental health patients, who has struggles of his own to overcome. (The Master's Sun and It's Okay, That's Love)

Now it's your turn to connect any two Gong Hyo Jin dramas in the comments below! The more interesting and creative, the better! 

Feel free to choose from her less well-known dramas like Ruler of Your Own WorldSnowmanSangdoo, Let's Go to SchoolThank You, and M, as well as her more well-known dramas like Greatest LovePastaThe Master's SunIt's Okay, That's LoveProducer, and Jealousy Incarnate.

And if you see a scenario you love in the comments, be sure to comment and let the person know!


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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