Welcome to the fourth installment of K-drama Confessional, where two K-drama obsessed super fans dish on all things drama and Korean entertainment. This time, KD Bonbon and Rara Pop are going to be talking about which dramas hit you squarely in the feels. Get the tissues ready!

Keep reading to see what K-dramas turn Rara and KD into emotional messes! And if you missed the last article featuring K-drama cliches, you can check it out HERE!

KD: Welcome back everyone!

Rara: Yay! It’s time again for another K-drama Confessional. KD and I thought long and hard about our next topic and we know you guys should all be able to relate to this one!

KD: If there is one thing I think everyone can agree on, it’s the emotional power of K-dramas! We all know the feeling. You’ll be watching what you think is a harmless drama when suddenly you feel like your heart is about to explode as it overflows with emotion. K-dramas make you laugh, cry, smile, and scream at the top of your lungs (often all during the same episode). That’s why this time we decided to reveal the dramas that hit us right in the feels!


But seriously, it’s these feels that keep us coming back time and time again to dramas. We can’t resist the pull of these powerful emotions!

KD: K-dramas certainly are a roller coaster of emotions!

Rara: Now before we start, let’s try and break down these complex feels into different categories. I see at least two main divisions:

  1. The happy, gushy kind of feels when there are sweet, heartwarming or romantic moments
  2. The heartbreaking feels during the super sad and heart-wrenching moments

KD: I definitely agree with those categories. There are so many different kinds of feels, but these categories feel like a good start.

Rara: Let’s tackle the the warm and fuzzy feels first! What drama instantly comes to your mind KD?

KD: Maybe it’s because I’ve been rewatching Greatest Love with my mom recently, but I’d have to go with that one! It is absolutely amazing and really makes me mushy!

Rara: I totally understand! It’s been a few years since I watched Greatest Love, but every once in awhile the sight of Dokko Jin saying “I’m Dokko Jin” just pops into my head and I feel all nice and warm inside. Also, now whenever I see a potato I can’t help but think of putting it in water and watching it grow! My feels are still alive and well for that show.

KD: Ding-dong! But the Treasure Girls theme song really gets me! Whenever I hear that song I feel like my heart speeds up just like Dokko Jin’s!

Rara: OST tracks really do have such a special power of taking your feels to the next level! And the Greatest Love theme song is a catchy song that gets stuck in your head (and heart!). The Master’s Sun’s OST invoked a similar set of feels for me!

KD: Definitely! The Master’s Sun OST really was top notch! Makes me tear up happily just thinking about it! So Rara, what drama hits you right in the fuzzy feels?

Rara: When you say fuzzy feels, the first drama that comes to mind for me is Healer.

Rara: I can’t quite pin down why that show gave me all the feels, but I certainly know that I was practically giddy while watching that entire series. The chemistry! The action! The mysterious backstory! The kisses! I just loved it all!

KD: Ohhhh Healer is a great feel inducing drama! Good choice!

Rara: Another drama that recently got me square in the heart was Oh! My Ghostess. I have a smile on my face just thinking about Park Bo Young’s adorable acting and Jo Sung Suk’s haughty, yet vulnerable character. They definitely tapped into my feels from the beginning to end!

KDHeard it Through the Grapevine is the most recent drama that really got to me. I didn’t start watching it until it was almost done airing, but I just finished it and I can honestly say that was one of the most heartfelt dramas I’ve seen in a long time!

Rara: You’re right about that one! There are a lot of emotional ups and downs in Heard it Through the Grapevine and a whole lot of feels!

KD: That is why I loved it so much! It kept me intertwined in the story and the characters the entire time. I really felt for them and sympathized with them!

Rara: Taking a step away from K-dramas, two Taiwanese dramas that really hit me hard were In Time With You and Autumn's Concerto.

Rara: These two mostly are great for bringing the happy variety of feels, but they also threw a few heart-wrenching punches! To this day, the kid in Autumn’s Concerto puts on one of the most adorable child performances I have ever seen!

KD: Oh man, In Time With You was a wonderful drama too! Definitely one of the best Taiwanese dramas I have seen. Well, except for Devil Beside You. You know how much I love that one!

Rara: Yes that is definitely one you always talk about!

KD: Mike He and Rainie Yang are my two favorite Taiwanese stars and had amazing chemistry in Devil Beside You. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that drama but it always hits me right in the feels! It's about two college students, Ahmon and Qi Yue who go to school together but annoy and hate each other. Then Qi Yue's mom and Ahmon's dad get engaged and suddenly the two are brother and sister. And of course things only get worse when they start having forbidden feelings for each other... I definitely recommend checking it out! It's one of my all time favorite dramas!

Rara: You've been telling me to watch Devil Beside You for years...I should probably get on it! Before we move onto the more heartbreaking feels, there is one other feel-good drama I think is worth mentioning is Misaeng!

KD: How could I forget that one?!

Rara: It’s certainly not your average kind of K-drama, with it’s realistic storyline which transports you right into the world of Jang Geu Rae and Manager Oh. That show knew exactly how to manipulate my feelings, making me burst into a wide smile at even the tiniest accomplishment from any one of the interns.

KD: For me, Misaeng was much more like an American television show with an amazing K-drama twist. It was perfect for me because, like you said, it was more realistic and dealt with the day to day workings of an office, but it had enough of the heartwarming and uplifting moments that I expect from a K-drama! It really was a great one!

Rara: The Manager Oh / Jang Geu Rae mentor relationship had more power than almost every K-drama rom-com pairing I’ve ever seen! They were so perfect.

KD: While K-dramas definitely have the power to make you feel uplifted and beyond happy, never underestimate their ability to also make you feel like your life is positively ending! They are emotional manipulators - they can and will break your heart!

Rara: I’m not usually a crier when it comes to movies or TV shows, but that’s not to say that there haven’t been some shows that have made me sob uncontrollably!

KD: What drama hit you right in the heartbreaking feels?


KD: Yes! Of all three of the “flower boy” themed shows, Shut Up Flower Boy Band was definitely the most heart-wrenching!

Rara: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh my heart is hurting so much just thinking about the show...For those of you who haven’t seen it, Run! don’t walk to your computer and get started. That drama will break your heart into little pieces and then work to rebuild it bit by bit, resulting in a super satisfying, fulfilling and perfectly heart-tugging drama.

KD: For me, the most heartbreaking K-drama has to be Stairway to Heaven

KD: It gave me all kinds of feels! Just thinking of that drama almost has me in tears! I refuse to ruin it for you readers, but if you need a good cry — watch this drama. It is absolutely heartbreaking.

Rara: Another storyline that really got to me was School 2013. (What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good high school K-drama!) The Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk heart-wrenching bromance backstory really got to me! Watching them mend their broken friendship in such a satisfying way is one of the reasons they are my favorite K-drama bromance! (It also doesn’t hurt that they are ridiculously adorable together.)

KD: Another drama that made my heart positively ache was Scent of a Woman. I should have known it was going to give me all the feels when they started to complete that bucket list...

Rara: Junsu’s song “You Are So Beautiful” instantly started playing in my head. Another great connection between feels and OST music!

KD: And you mentioned before about the two Taiwanese dramas that gave you the warm and fuzzy feels, we can’t forget our favorite heart-wrenching Japanese drama Tatta Hitosu No Koi. We watched that one together and it was definitely a life changer!

Rara: My heart!! Kame’s (Kamenashi Kazuya) stare is just perfect.

KD: It has been too long since I have rewatched Tatta Hitosu No Koi. I will definitely be starting that again soon! Another drama that hits me in the feels that I NEED to rewatch soon is I’m Sorry, I Love You. Young So Ji Sub just kills me! Every single episode made me cry! It’s cruel to make a K-drama that is that heartbreaking. But I loved every minute of it.

Rara: We can’t finish this post without mentioning one more heart-tugging moment...

Jeremy’s breakup scene in You’re Beautiful. It gets me every time!

KD: Jeremy is one of the most sympathetic characters ever! You feel so bad for him because Go Mi Nam is never going to choose him but he’s such a great person! His pain is not fair!

Rara: And he’s such an adorable and plucky person, that seeing him suffer so much angst is just too much to handle!

KD: K-dramas are powerful like that! They lure you in and then when you are least expecting it, they hit you with all the feels.

Rara: ALL OF THEM. Before I started watching Asian dramas, I had no idea that tv shows were capable of this much control and influence! It’s one thing to find a show interesting and exciting, but dramas take the emotional pull to an entirely new level!

KD: That is very true! I don’t know how South Korea does it, but they know how to mess with your emotions!

Rara: So readers, which K-dramas hit you right in the feels? We’d love to hear from you! There’s no right or wrong answer to this question!

KD: We can’t wait to read your comments and we’re always looking for new drama suggestions! Especially ones with all of the feels!

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