Welcome back to the latest installment of K-drama Confessional! Today, instead of introducing a new topic, we wanted to switch it up and will be showcasing some of our favorite comments from the past KDCs. We’re all in this addiction together, and we all have our own confessions to make!

We’ve loved reading your comments over our last few articles and hearing what you’ve had to say about K-dramas, cliches, and of course swoon-worthy Korean men!

To review, we’ve covered the following topics in past K-drama Confessionals:

What was your first Asian drama?

What actors always make you swoon?

What are your favorite K-drama cliches?

Which K-dramas hit you right in the feels?

In case you are joining us for the first time or missed any of our previous articles, click on the links above and check them out!

Without further ado, let’s move on to our special edition of KDC: Reader Comments and Confessions!

Rara: I’m so excited to finally do a reader comments post! I’ve been hoping to do one since our very first article. Some of the comments we have been getting are too great not to share!

KD: Yes! We’ve been talking about doing one of these for a while now and I think we’ve collected a good number of comments to share and talk about.

Rara: It was so fun to read about everyone’s own experiences and preferences when it comes to the K-drama world.

KD: I think some of my favorite comments came from our very first article where we confessed about what our first Asian drama was!

Rara: For sure! The great thing about that topic is that EVERYONE who is on DramaFever can relate. We all have our own unique story about how we got into dramas.

KD: I agree! And I loved reading about everyone's stories. Some were surprisingly similar to ours and a lot of them had one thing in common — Netflix!

Rara: Here’s a comment that I’m sure echoes more than a few of our readers’ stories!

KD: Ahhhh Netflix. Creating new K-drama addicts on the daily.

Rara: It’s the suggestions feature that has done wonders for the international K-drama community. So many of us would still be in the dark without it!

KD: And then once Netflix has convinced you to watch one, it just keeps suggesting them to you! Like what happened to both HGrimmy (above) and ekdrama16 (below)!

Rara: History indeed! We all know that it’s hard to turn away from the pull of dramas once you get hooked!

KD: And I think once you get into K-dramas and realize how many other people in the world watch them to you get even more hooked! It also helps to find great communities like DramaFever that will fuel your addiction and keep you connected with people who share your obsession!

Rara: Here’s another story that I really love. Lee Min Ho really is irresistible!

KD: I can relate to getting sucked into the Lee Min Ho vortex! You think, “Lee Min Ho can’t be that great…” but then you start watching him and realize that he is. Lol

Rara: I think it’s interesting to note that some of same dramas kept coming up again and again as gateway dramas.

KD: My GirlCoffee PrinceFull HouseBoys Over FlowersLie to MeFaithYou’re Beautiful, and City Hunter all came up many, many times!

Rara: All of these shows have had such a huge influence in the K-drama world!

KD: It really is amazing to hear which K-dramas really got people addicted.

Rara: Ok, before we move on to the next KDC post about swoon worthy actors, we have one more comment we want to highlight.

KD: This story is way too similar to our own story to not include it!

KD: When I read this comment I immediately screenshotted it and sent it to Rara! It sounded so strikingly similar to our experience! Particularly Nessephanie’s reluctance to watch Boys Over Flowers after Hana Yori Dango — we can relate!

Rara: We really were die-hard J-Drama fans in the beginning. Ahhh memories…

Ok, time to move on. Let’s tackle our swoon inducing actors post next!

KD: Our swoon-worthy actors article was such a fun one to write! Who doesn’t like to talk about hot Korean men?

Rara: The problem is that there are just too many gorgeous actors! There’s no way we could choose them all in one post…

KD: So true! And I think pegkfan definitely nailed that problem with her comment below!

Rara: And voryoung’s reply was perfect. Love that exchange!

KD: Definitely not as fun. And even now I’m still thinking of actors we forgot!

Rara: Don’t think too much! You might start to hyperventilate. Just take dopsy’s route and claim them all!

KD: Yep. I think that was pretty much the point I’m at! ALL OF THE MEN.

Rara: They really do have quite some amazing power! The more we would list, the more we would think of others to add to the list!

KD: It was a vicious cycle. I have to say, my favorite comment is the one below by zeelyn. It definitely made me laugh!

Rara: Thanks for brightening my morning zeelyn! We may all have our biases, but I think we can all unanimously agree that Korean actors are hot!

KD: That is a statement I would definitely agree with!

Rara: So handsome! I love them all so much!

KD: Our next article topic definitely has much more mixed reviews...K-drama cliches — some people love them, some people hate them!

Rara: They are pretty much a necessary evil in Dramaland. When executed well they can be fantastic! But sadly, more often than not, they can just end up being cheesy and overused.

KD: I still think a good piggyback ride is never a bad thing! And a lot of people agreed with us there!

Rara: Haha love her comment about the chiropractors! It’s so true...

KD: Korean men must have very strong backs! I appreciate it!

Rara: But just like our swoon-worthy actor post, there are even more cliches to mention! Thanks AliceZhou for pointing out some more great ones!

Rara: You have to watch out for that evil-coworker — especially if she’s also the second female lead!

KD: And then, like we said, you have drama fans who absolutely hate cliches. Like Eunnyeon below. My thing is that I just don’t know what a K-drama would feel like without ANY cliches! I can’t picture it!

Rara: I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more originality in Dramaland. Let’s hope the writers keep pushing boundaries rather than fall back on the familiar and cliched framework!

KD: K-dramas are always evolving so I wouldn’t be surprised if we have some new cliches that we can be excited about soon!

Rara: In our last article, we talked about the feel inducing power of K-dramas. Many of you agreed that dramas can mess with your emotions, making you both incredibly happy and ridiculously sad. It’s a rollercoaster!

KD: That’s why I love K-dramas so much! They make you feel all the emotions.

Rara: Bguntner’s comment perfectly sums it up!

KD: They really did hit the nail right on the head with how K-dramas can make your heart race!

Rara: But sometimes dramas and movies can almost induce almost too much emotion…

KD: Awwww just reading that comment makes me want to cry! Werewolf Boy was really a heart wrenching movie!

Rara: My feels… Song Joong Ki really is super talented! I have to say his performance in Sungkyunkwan Scandal also hit me in the feels, but the ridiculously giddy ones. His bromance with Geol Oh was perfect!

KD: I always love a good bromance! Possible future KDC topic, Rara?

Rara: YES. Stay tuned for an epic bromance-themed post that will also hit you square in the feels soon!

KD: I can’t wait!

Thanks for joining us for this special edition of K-drama Confessional featuring our favorite reader comments and confessions! We love hearing what you have to say and can’t wait to interact more with you guys!

This is your place as much as ours to confess your feelings about all things K-drama! So let us know which comments were your favorites! And check out the comments sections of our past articles for more awesome confessions. If you missed our previous KDCs, no worries! Feel free to share your thoughts to our past questions below!

This is K-drama Confessional - Confess Yourself! See you next time!

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