Welcome back to K-drama Confessional! We’re back with a brand new article topic that we think will be super fun to debate and talk about. This time we’re featuring some more swoon-worthy Korean men who also happen to be amazingly good kissers — or at least we believe them to be based on their drama kiss scenes...unfortunately we don’t have any firsthand knowledge.

So if you’re like us and enjoy rewatching your favorite steamy K-drama kisses over and over again and love debating which sexy Korean hunk is the best kisser, keep on reading! And if you can't get enough sexy Korean men, check out our second K-Drama Confessional, where we talk all about swoon-worthy Korean men!

KD: Oh man, I think our readers are in for a great treat this week! We’re combining two of our favorite things — sexy, swoon-worthy Korean men and K-drama kisses!

Rara: That’s right! In this segment of KDC we will be attempting to figure out who is the best kisser in Dramaland. Although honestly I doubt we’ll ever be able to pick a winner!

KD: Yeah, you are probably right...when have we ever been good at picking an ultimate favorite when it comes to anything K-drama related?

Rara: I guess that’s what happens when you LOVE K-dramas as much as we do!

KD: True!

Rara: I do have a few favorite kissers in mind, though, who could be in the running for the Best Kisser in Dramaland title.

KD: I do as well! Which hunk comes to mind first?

RaraSeo In Guk!

KD: Hey! That’s who I was going to pick first!

Rara: Great minds think alike! But seriously Seo In Guk is an amazing kisser! Every kiss scene he does makes me swoon, although a clear favorite scene is from Answer Me 1997. Check it out:

KD: That scene positively kills me! The way he leans her back against the counter...that is some seriously legendary stuff right there. I can’t even handle it.

Rara: I just love how realistic, yet intense the scene becomes. He certainly knows how to woo a lady!

KD: Two other scenes from Seo In Guk that I always think of are from I Remember You and High School King of Savvy. The I Remember You one is so sweet!

Rara: And that arm sling kiss in High School King of Savvy was so unique and moving! I just love Seo In Guk’s kissing scenes. They never fail to make me happy!

KD: Another actor who is a great kisser is Jo In Sung. I mean, just look at every single one of those makeout sessions with Gong Hyo Jin in It’s Okay That’s Love... Talk about epic!

Rara: I. Can’t. Even. They are all so amazing. Jo In Sung really is the best.

KD: I’d say the waterfall kiss from It’s Okay That’s Love is definitely my favorite. Love the way he grabs her face gently… so dreamy.

Rara: Know who’s also a dreamy Dramaland kisser? Jung Il Woo.

KD: Ah yes, Jung Il Woo! I think I know exactly what kiss you’re thinking of...it has to be Flower Boy Ramen Shop!

Rara: YES.

KD: That kiss is just so powerful! Love it.

Rara: The Kimchi Kiss from Flower Boy Ramen Shop is also one of my favorite from Jung Il Woo!

KD: I definitely would not mind being kissed by Jung Il Woo! Especially if there is kimchi involved…

Rara: Speaking of steamy food-related kisses, I can’t help but have Lee Jong Suk pop into my mind! His infamous toast “kiss” will always be ones of my favorites. Now that’s saying something since they didn’t even kiss!

KD: Haha you know you are a good kisser when even your non-kisses make this list! Another “non-kiss” that tops my list is Ji Chang Wook’s Nose Kiss from Bachelor's Vegetable Store. It’s just so cute and sexy. And their lips don’t even touch! Ji Chang Wook is a master!

Rara: Ji Chang Wook is definitely a fantastic kisser! All his Healer kisses are definitive proof of that! Especially the memorable hat kiss!

KD: The hat kiss is a great one! Definitely puts Ji Chang Wook towards the top of my all-time favorite kisser list!

Rara: I just love all the emotions that go into this kiss. My heart almost can't handle all the incredible feels. 

KD: Another kisser that gives me all the feels has to be Sung Joon. He never fails to impress me!

Rara: Yeah! Sung Joon, especially in I Need Romance 3, is an amazing kisser. He's so gentle, yet passionate. It's so easy to get sucked into the romantic scenes whenever he's involved!

KD: What a beautiful kiss... Ok, I don’t think we can have a complete best kisser article without mentioning the king himself — Lee Min Ho.

Rara: Where do we even begin with Lee Min Ho? Every kiss he does is wonderful and memorable! His Game Over Kiss from Personal Taste remains one of my all time favorite K-drama kisses. Ever.

KD: That is probably one of the best kisses ever! Although his kiss with Park Shin Hye in Heirs is a close second!

Rara: Another incredible one!

KD: From City Hunter to Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho has had some amazing kiss scenes. It is no surprise everyone loves him so much!

Rara: Ok, I think we are running out of time, but there’s one more incredible kisser we haven’t yet mentioned.

KD: Be still my heart, it has to be Gong Yoo.

Rara: Without a doubt, this man belongs at the top of our list!

KD: If there was a Dramaland kissing hall of fame he would be number one!

RaraCoffee Prince in particular has some of his best kissing work to date.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

KD: By far my FAVORITE K-drama kiss scene is the apartment kiss! Gong Yoo is definitely one of the best kissers in Dramaland! The way he picks up Eun Chan and pushes her against the door? Come on. That’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Rara: It is such an amazing moment and the chemistry between Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye explodes off the screen!

KD: Please excuse me while I recover from his awesome presence.

Rara: I swear, these actors should teach a training course or something to help out their fellow colleagues! I wish everyone could kiss as well as Gong Yoo…

KD: A K-drama kissing course sounds like a fantastic plan! Sign me up! I will certainly be willing to help other sexy K-drama men improve.

Rara: Me too! But now, sadly that's all we have time for today! We know there are plenty more amazing K-drama kissers out there that we didn't get a chance to mention in this post. Please let us know which other actors you think are experts at this craft!

KD: Thanks for joining us again today for another K-drama Confessional! Who do you think should take home the award for Best Kisser in Dramaland? Be sure to share your own confessions in the comments section below!

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Which K-drama hunk do you think is the best kisser? What is your favorite K-drama kiss? Be sure to comment below!

Now you can see Seo In Guk's fabulous kissing in action with the full series High School King of Savvy:

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