Today we’re whipping up a yummy batch of Mochi Ice Cream! What exactly is “mochi” you ask? It’s actually a Japanese rice cake that’s eaten not only throughout the year but specifically during the Japanese New Year. It’s really just rice that’s been pounded into a paste and shaped into a ball. It comes in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes and various flavors from sweet to savory.


In this recipe we’re actually going to attempt to make our own mochi from scratch and fill it with our favorite ice cream flavor. It sounds challenging, but don’t you just wanna create your own super cute mochi like in the photo above?! Ingredients and supplies needed for this recipe: Water, sugar, cornstarch, glutinous flour, Your favorite ice cream, ice cube tray, plastic wrap, and a microwave. Step One - Scoop your favorite ice cream into the ice cream tray molds and place in the freezer.


Step Two - In a bowl mix ¾ cups of water with 4/5 cups of glutinous flour until it becomes a paste. Add ¼ cup of sugar, mix it up really good and then move to step three. Step Three - Use your plastic wrap to cover the bowl and pop it into the microwave for two minutes. Stir it up and then pop it back in the microwave for 30 seconds and when its done stir it again.


Step Four - Place plastic wrap on your counter and cover it with corn starch. Go crazy with the corn starch because you don’t want the batter to stick to it! Step Five - Let your batter cool down for a second and then flatten it out in the cutting board. Make sure to put corn starch on top of the batter!


Step Six - Use a cup as a cookie cutter and create 10 circle shapes. Step Seven - Take your ice cream molds out of the freezer and wrap each one completely in your circle shapes. When all wrapped place back in the freezer.


Step Eight- When your mochi ice cream is frozen snap a photo and enjoy! Note: You can be creative with your mochi and use food coloring, shape them how you want, design them how you want. This recipe just teaches you to make the dough; it’s up to you to make your mochi come alive with cuteness!


If you’re brave enough to attempt this recipe, send me your photos and taste review to or tweet it to me @K_Kisses_KrisE. I’ll include your photos and reviews in a follow up article! KrisE! (Recipe and photos via