An epic historical K-drama is in the works. Actors Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Yo Won joined the cast of ‘Different Dream (이몽),’ a spy drama set in Korea under Japanese rule in the early 1900s. On Tuesday, the drama found a new investor, getting ready in full force for the 2019 premiere. Chinese production company Hangzhou Jiaping Pictures has confirmed to contribute to the drama, which has accrued a total of $25 million from multiple investors. Actress Lee Young Ae, who had confirmed to join the drama last fall, left the cast because of a schedule conflict.

Two spies put their lives at risk for Korea’s independence in the spy melodrama ‘Different Dream,’ which is set in Manchuria, Shanghai, and Seoul.

It seems as if Kim Won Bon (Yoo Ji Tae) has spent entire early adulthood fighting for Korea’s independence. He forms Circle of the Braves, which subsequently becomes the Korea independence party, and becomes a spy for the provisional government of Korea in Shanghai.

Lee Young Jin (Lee Yo Won) is a surgeon in Seoul who was raised in the Japanese household. She’s elegant, bright, and confident in her abilities. She wears Western clothes and has a pretty face. She joins the Severance hospital’s medical school with a mission to save lives, and later becomes a spy for the provisional government.

The Saimdang: Light's Diary actress Lee Young Ae had confirmed to play Lee Young Jin in ‘Different Dream’ last fall, but she dropped out this spring to film ‘Find Me,’ her first film project since ‘Lady Vengeance.’

Producer Koh Dae Hwa of ‘Jumong,’ ‘Hwang Jin Yi,’ and ‘Dr. Stranger,’ along with director Yoon Sang Ho of ‘The Legend’ and ‘Saimdang: Light’s Diary,’ will be the masterminds behind ‘Different Dream.’ The drama’s investor Hangzhou Jiaping Pictures has produced the 2016 Chinese drama ‘Feather Flies To The Sky’ starring Yin Tao, Yi Zhang, and Cheung Siu‑fai.

This blockbuster K-drama is scheduled to premiere in May 2019. August 15, 2019, would mark the centennial of Korean independence after the Japanese rule.

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