Have you ever been watching a drama and thought, "That character would be perfect with this character from another drama"? I definitely have! Sometimes compatibility crosses drama lines, and a character's perfect mate can be found in a whole other drama.

Below are 8 characters who would be perfectly paired with a character from another drama. It's interesting to imagine each of these four couples interacting with each other. It's not often that there are such K-drama crossovers.

Be sure to comment down below on which "drama-crossed" couple you think would be perfect for each other!

1. Jeremy (You’re Beautiful) and "Mini" Min Hee (Tomorrow’s Cantabile)

These two are both adorable and fun. They are also both musically talented — Jeremy plays the drums and Min Hee plays the bass. The pair even have similar facial expressions! Can’t you just imagine them running around laughing, playing music, and having fun together? They would be a perfect match for each other!

2. Lee Jae Kyung (My Love From Another Star) and Han Yoo Ri (Stairway to Heaven)

Even the baddies have someone out there for them. Jae Kyung, whose evil plots resulted in the deaths of numerous people in My Love From Another Star, would be well matched with Han Yoo Ri from Stairway to Heaven. While she may not have killed anyone in Stairway to Heaven, Yoo Ri did plenty of other reprehensible things, including (SPOILER ALERT) intentionally hitting Jung Suh with her car in order to stop her from reuniting with Song Joo. If that wasn’t enough, she then switches Jung Suh’s ID with a victim who died in a fire so it looks like Jung Suh is dead! All that to keep her away from Song Joo! She certainly is devious, and Jae Kyung would appreciate her headstrong personality.

3. Choi Young Do (Heirs) and Yoon Baek Hee (Dream High)

Both Young Do and Baek Hee have had struggles they needed to overcome, and even though they seem tough on the outside, they are really softies on the inside. Because they both have a past, they would be very supportive of each other. But they would also be well matched on toughness, so each would respect and appreciate the other for their strong personalities.

4. Lee Hee Kyung (My Love From Another Star) and Lee Hye Shin (You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin)

We managed to find a match for the evil Jae Kyung, so now we cannot forget his much kinder brother, who definitely deserves some love in his life! Lee Hee Kyung is obviously attracted to successful women who would need to be supported by him, and Lee Hye Shin definitely fits that bill. She’s beautiful, intelligent, proud, and loving. She even has an adorable daughter Woo Joo! She would be the perfect woman for Hee Kyung to settle down with.

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Can you think of any other drama-crossed couples that are meant to be? Be sure to comment down below and let us know! We love to imagine these matches!

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