With intense kisses, long piggyback rides, and running away from villains, sometimes being in a K-drama is like competing in a sport. We think it’s about time that the most athletic endeavors were rewarded, so we present to you the first K-drama Olympics! Today's even is the Piggyback Ride Tournament. Which of these recent K-drama couples do you think deserves the gold? 

1. Uncontrollably Fond

Kim Woo Bin really took one for the team during the awkward piggyback ride he gave Suzy! Does he deserve the gold for his good sportsman-like behavior? 

2. Cheese in the Trap

Kim Go Eun manages to have three guys fighting to protect her during this marathon piggyback ride! Does Park Hae Jin deserve the gold for managing to keep her up through all the strife? 

3. Noble My Love

Despite the hilarious groping that cuts this piggyback ride short,  Sung Hoon comes back for Kim Jae Kyung, throw up and all. Does he get a gold medal for effort? 

4. The Entertainer

This may just be the sweetest piggyback ride ever!  Kang Min Hyuk gives Hyeri a piggyback ride not because she's drunk, but as a cute way to cheer her up. Does Min Hyuk's heart of gold deserve the gold? 

5. Moorim School

This unique piggy back ride definitely demonstrates excellent athletic ability! Plus,  Lee Hyun Woo sacrifices himself to help Seo Ye Ji complete her task. Does the method and motivation deserve the gold in your book?

6. Let's Fight Ghost

Kim So Hyun may be a ghost, but apparently that doesn't make the task any easier for Ok Taec Yeon. Does he deserve the gold for this supernatural piggyback ride?

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Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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