Last week we held the first two events of the first-ever K-drama Olympics, the Piggyback Ride Event and the Accidental Kiss Event, and today we continue the competition with the Women's Fight Scene Event! Which of these recent Asian drama females do you think deserves the gold for the most badass fight scene?

1. Park Shin Hye in Doctor Crush

This woman knows how to hold her own! Does she deserve the gold for taking down multiple gangsters in one go? 

2. Liu Tao in Nirvana in Fire

This badass female has the fencing skills to take down two royal guards, and she looks stunning doing it! Does she deserve the gold for making an amazing entrance? 

3. Park So Dam in Cinderella and Four Knights

When I saw this scene in Cinderella an Four Knights, I was like damn, Park So Dam! She is not one to be pushed around by rich chaebols! Does she deserve the gold for sticking up for herself and refusing to be intimidated?  

4. Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon in Let's Fight Ghost

Kim So Hyun is a whole lot of feirce in a petite package! Does she deserve the gold for her ability to put creepy ghosts in their place? 

5. Zhang Meng in Ice Fantasy

No one messes with the Fire Princess! Does Zhang Meng deserve the gold for her take-no-prisoners attitude? 

6. Lee Se Young in Vampire Detective

Her tough attitude and fighting skills totally gave me a girl crush on Lee Se Young! Does she deserve the gold for her fearless fight scenes in Vampire Detective

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Tune in for tomorrow's event, and stay tuned for our awards ceremony at the end of the week!