Last week, we asked for your submissions in our  K-drama/K-pop costume contest for Halloween, and the results are in! We were thrilled with your Hallyu Halloween enthusiasm, and with over 50 submissions, it was a really tough choice! Without further ado, here are your winners:


1. Liem Prasetyo Utomo (age 3) as Mini Rain 

Eeeeeeeee! This kid is too adorable for words, and he already has some miniature swagger to go along with his Rain-themed costume!

2. Rich and Cynthia Connell as Lee Sun Joon and Kim Yoon Hee from Sungkyunkwan Scandal

First of all, it's a couple's costume, which is amazing. Second, the full historical gear for not one, but two people is pretty impressive. Now this is true love!

3. (Tie) Heather Austin as T.O.P from BIGBANG's "Bad Boy" MV and Teruyo as T.O.P from BIGBANG's "Fantastic Baby" MV

Heather made that jacket and skull necklace by and and then painstakingly dyed a wig to match T.O.P's color! She also went and found the actual street where this music video was filmed to take the picture. That's an amazing amount of dedication! 

Apparently, something about T.O.P brings out the creativity in people! We love that Teruyo even made a face shield to cover multiple portions of the music video.

Honorable mentions

Not everyone could win, but here are a few more of our favorite submissions in a few different categories:

K-drama characters:

Jayson (age 6) as Hyun Bin in Secret Garden

That tiny little sequined tracksuit! His posture! This picture is everything.

Ivy Liu as the ghost from Bride of the Century

We joked about doing this as a costume, but Ivy pulled it off really well!

See Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung make beautiful music together in Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Humorous costumes:

Kathleen Flood as Doo Rim in Bride of the Century

HA! Doo Rim and the frying pan is a hilarious scene to begin with. Kathleen's insertion of "snowflakes" just makes it even funnier.

Clorama Dorvilias as the "Girls' Generation substitute"

Missing Jessica? No problem! Clorama will step in and sub when any of the girls is busy with other things! So funny!

Attention to detail

Lydia Penfold as Mi Ho from  My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

The tails are impressive enough, but the stuffed chicken leg just takes the whole costume to another level.

Graca McKenney as G-Dragon in the "Heartbreaker" MV

Graca actually broke apart a mirror in order to recreate the mirrored vest from the video. So cool. I want one!

John Stanifer as a scholar from Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Stephen actually ordered his hat from Korea, and he's holding a book on Confucius to go with his scholarly attire. We also love the beaded Korean flag, made by a friend.

I'm not kidding when I say that there were many, many other submissions we wanted to include. You can enjoy all of the fabulous costumes in the Facebook gallery  HERE. Thank you to all of our participants, and congratulations to the winners! Who was your favorite costume? Comment below!