There are tons of drama adaptations that came from manga, manhwa, and anime source material, but the latest big trend in dramaland is the webtoon. It seems like almost every new drama these days originally appeared as a popular comic online, and, given that these drama adaptations come with a built-in fan base, it's easy to see the draw! But which adaptations pulled off the transition from webtoon to drama most successfully? Take a look at these 10 examples and decide for yourself!

1. Sensory Couple

Based on Girl Who Sees Smells by Man Chwi

One of the most popular recent webtoon adaptations, Sensory Couple initially sounded like something that would be tough to translate from comic to live action. Instead of going for pure realism, the series embraced elements of the original format with cartoonish visualizations of the scents.

2. Orange Marmalade

Based on Orange Marmalade by Seok Woo

This series had fans of the original webtoon clamoring to see it. Some fans weren't happy when the plot of the drama diverged from the original story, however.

3. Scholar Who Walks the Night

Based on Scholar Who Walks the Night by Jo Joo Hee (writer) and Han Seung Hee (illustrator)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If there was ever any human born to play the role of a vampire based on a webtoon, it's Lee Joon Ki. Scholar Who Walks the Night is premiering on DramaFever this Wednesday!

4. Love Cells

Based on Love Cells by Kim Myung Hyun

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The visual differences might be the most obvious here because, well, Kim Yoo Jung isn't actually a cat for very long. Who else is excited to see what happens in the sequel?

5. Hyde, Jekyll, and I

Based on Dr. Jekyll Is Hyde by Lee Choong Ho

Did you know that webtoon writer Lee Choong Ho tried to sue the drama Kill Me Heal Me for ripping off his story? Apparently the stories were different enough that the case didn't get very far.

6. Misaeng

Based on Misaeng by Yoon Tae Ho

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Quite possibly the biggest webtoon-based hit, tvN series Misaeng raked in awards last year. The initial character posters also played up the webtoon origins.

7. Flower Boy Next Door

Based on I Watch Him Every Day by Yoo Hyun Sook

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What's so fun abut this series is the extra meta layer built into the story. Within the drama based on a webtoon, we have our second male lead writing a webtoon about the female lead.

8. Fool's Love

Based on Hogu's Love by Yoo Hyun Sook

Fool's Love and Flower Boy Next Door were both created by the same webtoon writer, which might explain why they both have such a broad cast of memorable characters.

9. We Broke Up

Based on We Broke Up by Ryu Chae Lyn

2NE1's Dara and WINNER's Kang Seung Yoon play the leads in the current web series We Broke Up, about exes who have to live together after their breakup. The short drama started online in Korea in June.

10. Cheese in the Trap

Based on Cheese in the Trap by Soon Ggi

This drama hasn't even aired yet, and already it's creating a huge buzz for drama viewers! Park Hae Jin has been cast for quite a while as male lead Yoo Jung, a "Mr. Perfect" university student with a dark side. Casting female lead Hong Seol has proven to be a little more complicated, however, as there have been very strong netizen responses to every name mentioned as a potential option. So far, several actresses, including Suzy, have declined the role. Webtoon fans, who do you see as Hong Seol?

11. Mary Stayed Out All Night

Based on Mary Stayed Out All Night by Won Soo Yeon

This 2010 series is an earlier webtoon-to-drama adaptation, though the story didn't completely stick to the original.

12. Last

Based on Last by Kang Hyeong Gyu

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This upcoming series depicts the power struggle in Seoul's underground society of homeless men and women. Don't the character stills look like they nailed the casting? A Yoon Kye Sang/ Lee Bum Soo faceoff is bound to be epic! Last will premiere on DramaFever this coming Monday, July 27. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE, and check out the trailer below:

Do you enjoy webtoon adaptations? Which has been your favorite? Are there any webtoons you would like to see as dramas? Share your thoughts in the comments!