I have to admit that I'm a sucker for any kind of K-drama that involves dancing or singing. There's something about seeing the characters bust a move that always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything! Here are the top 10 K-dramas for when you just want something to get you into the dancing spirit.

1. Cheer Up!

It is impossible not to tap your toes a little when you see Eunji dancing her heart out. I especially loved her solo dance to MFBTY's "Eagle" in the first episode. Catch a glimpse in the series preview below (her solo dance is at the 4-minute mark).

I'm really looking forward to seeing more dancing from the newly formed cheerleading club as the series progresses!

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2. Dream High

Dream High might just be the best feel-good drama of all time. It's packed to the brim with fun dance numbers, and, even though it's not the most technically impressive dance of the series, the one that puts me in a better mood without fail is their cover of SNSD's "Genie." Work it, Kim Soo Hyun!

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3. Dream High 2

If Dream High didn't give you enough moves, there's a sequel with even more dancing and singing for your viewing pleasure! 

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4. Twenty Again

How satisfying was it to see No Ra dancing like her 20-year-old self? No Ra's entire story is uplifting, and I love how she has a chance to embrace her dream of dancing again.

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5. Monstar

Like the Dream High series, Monstar has a band of talented high schoolers who sing and dance their way through the angst, giving us some excellent entertainment. Personally, I find it worth watching just for Kang Ha Neul singing ballads, but there's plenty more upbeat fare as well, like this dance sequence featuring GLAM's Dahee.

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6. To Be Continued

Say what you will about the plot (and really, there's not much to say), but rookie boy group ASTRO puts on a good show. I don't care to admit how many times I have watched Rocky's dance in episode 1.

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7. Dream Knight

Web dramas are particularly well suited to showcase dancing. When you have a simple, fluffy plot, you can spend half of a 10-minute episode on a dance battle, like this one from Dream Knight. Hey, I'm not complaining....

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8. Over the Rainbow

This one's an older dance drama from 2006. Check out the intro below for some sweet throwback looks from Ji Hyun Woo in an early role! 

9. What's Up

Many of the dramas on this list are upbeat high school dramas. If you want to see something that takes a more serious look at the pressures theater students face, this is the series for you! It's an underrated gem packed to the brim with talent, including Jo Jung SukKim Ji WonIm Ju HwanLee Soo Hyuk, and BIGBANG's Daesung, just to name a few! Check out one of Daesung's scenes below:

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10. Scent of a Woman

If hip hop isn't your thing, don't worry! Many dramas feature other forms of dance, like Lee Joon's modern dance scene in Mr. Baek or Ha Ji Won's gorgeous traditional Korean dances in Hwang Jin Yi. The one that made me want to go out and take dance lessons right away, however, has got to be the tango in Scent of a Woman. If I take dance lessons, do I get my own sexy Lee Dong Wook?

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What's your favorite dancing drama? Do you enjoy these kinds of series? Are there others you would add to the list? Share your thoughts below!