April was a big month for K-pop. With debuts from several new sub-units to JYP's ridiculously glorious appreciation of anatomy, here are 12 amazing songs you may have missed from April 2015.

1. BASTARZ - "Zero For Conduct" 

With a song title that's all about bad manners, some weren't sure what to think of this track. However, the boys from Block B did NOT disappoint. U-kwon, P.O, and B-Bomb (as pictured above) delivered a song with a heavy beat and catchy chous will have you singing along in no time! The video does have some strong visuals and was rated 19+, so you can watch it by clicking HERE at your own risk!

2. M&D - "I Wish" 

Super Junior's Heechul teamed up with Jungmo of Trax for this adorable subunit. The video shows Heechul embarrassing a girl on date with his unfortunate fashion and then ditching her to hang out with friends. He then ruins their 100 day anniversary because he is playing games on his phone but manages to to make it up to her by dressing up and presenting her with a couple ring. With Jungmo's guitar solo and fabulous pink hair, this colorful video fits the song.

3. Lee Juck - "With You" 

Featuring curious woodland creature costumes, the heart of this sweet rock ballad is about wanting to be with the one you love.

4. Lim Kim - "Awoo" 

The electronic vibe of this song lends to its appeal, while the video's oddities and colors will keep you watching!

5. Cross Gene - "나하고 놀자 (Play With Me)"

This multi-national group always delivers when it comes to their title tracks. The boys are in an asylum fighting for the attention of a nurse who, in the end, chooses none of them. The chorus's "ba-ba-bee-dum" will be in your head forever!

6. BTS - "I Need U" 

Despite its serious tone, the members of BTS view this song and the album as a celebration of youth whether good or bad. The video shows all the emotion laced into the turmoils of early relationships.

7. MAMAMOO & eSNa - "Ahh Oop!" 

MAMAMOO always rocks a retro vibe with power vocals, and this collaboration with eSNa is just brilliant. Filled with subtle sex appeal and a lot of sass, this song is a hit.

8. JYP ft. Jessi - "Who's Your Mama" 

The king of subtle whispers is back! This ridiculous(ly catchy) song JYP sings about his full appreciation for a women's backsides. I don't even know ... just watch it.

9. San E ft Baek Yerim- "Me You"

Possibly the cutest confession song ever... Also props to whoever made him a blow up doll in the beginning.

10. Jang Wooyoung - "R.O.S.E." 

The love for Wooyoung runs deep with his fans. This solo was very successful for him, and releasing a Korean version only helped. From the lego bowtie to him oozing charisma, it's like reliving Dream High all over again.

11. Dalshabet - "Joker" 

Playing off Heath Ledger's visual of the Joker in Batman and the classic look of the cards, this song features the girls singing about the uncertainty of relationships.

12. 24K - "Hey You"

After losing Byungho in 2014, the group came back with this catchy song to prove that they are not finished as a group. If you're curious about the masked boys in the video, fans are speculating they will become new members, but so far no official announcements have been made. Seriously though, this song is filled with sassy dance moves that are sure to get you moving!

What were some of your favorite songs from April? Did you have a favorite from my list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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