The world of k-pop embraces loud colors all year-round, but nothing makes it hit home more than the summer time. From shocking neon sets to sports themes, here are 12 songs from June 2015 that scream "summer!"

1. BIGBANG - "We Like 2 Party"

I almost feel like this one is cheating, but since the group is having a comeback every month, we should embrace it, right? This slightly mellow party anthem calls up the spirits of early 90's American music while the MV shows the boys having a blast running around and being goofy. This song definitely needed the laidback video that accompanies the song... anything more formal would not have served it justice.

2. BTS (Bangtan Boys) - "For You"

This is BTS's most recent Japanese release, but it's a great departure from some of their harder or more serious, subject matter. The MV conveys Jungkook, the group's maknae, as writing to a girl he likes a working hard to save money for a plane ticket to visit her. His hyungs notice and, of course, also  decide to work hard to help him achieve his goal. It's just a really sweet song and MV.

3. Primary - "Mannequin" (ft. Beenzino & Suran)

I won't lie, I'm a little creeped out by the doll mask, but the jazz feel of this song makes you want to dance. The mixture of Primary's musical style accompanied by Beenzino's interlude and Suran's unique vocals are a perfect match.

4. EXO - "Love Me Right"

With it's sports theme and classic 60's R&B feel, I'm digging this track. It's all about the rhythm guitar without losing EXO's dance feel. You may notice both versions below, but it's for good reason. Since losing some of their Mandarin members, SM has start making the Korean members sing in Mandarin as well. It should have happened long ago, so SM is doing this right, and you can tell the Korean members are giving it their all. Check it out and tell me which version you prefer.

Korean version:

Mandarin version:

5. Seo In Young - "Liar" (ft Kanto of Troy)

I have always had a serious admiration for Seo In Young's vocal abilities. I love her range and consistency. For this song, pairing her with Kanto was a stroke of genius. They each hold their own without overshadowing the other and his parts don't seem out of place because he is the rough to her sweet. It's a great collaboration.

6. MBLAQ - "Mirror"

This MBLAQ comeback was a little bittersweet. After losing two members, Mir, G.O, and Seungho came back a trio. Many have speculated about the hidden symbolism in the MV - Two doors out of five are closed, empty seats in the back of the car - and with lyrics about betrayal, it's not hard to see it however it's their consistency as a group that makes this song so great. There isn't a loss in vocal or rap and it sounds just as good as any songs the group has released previously. MBLAQ fighting!

7. NS Yoon-G - "Honey Summer"

This song screams classic beach anthem, complete with MV visuals as NS Yoon-G dances around on the beach and plays in the waves. This is honestly a feel-good song that will get you dancing around too. Don't worry, we won't judge you for singing along.

8. BTOB - "It's Okay"

You may not think you're familiar with BTOB, but if you've watched A Song For You or School 2015, you're at least familiar with one of their vocalista Yook Sung Jae. BTOB has some great vocals for a group that is not considered that big. Their rappers are strong. They really deserve more notoriety than they currently get and this track is a perfect example of what they are capable of.

9. 2PM - "My House"

So I've already given you 6 reasons you needed to see this 2pm comeback, but seriously... You need to see this comeback. 2PM never disappoints and this fairy tale themed MV and not-so-subtle song are totally worth it. Who else makes Taecyeon the Big Bad Wolf and remixes a bunny? Come on. You know you want to watch it.

10. SISTAR - "Shake It"

Neon everywhere! SISTAR is always colorful, and their vocals are always on point, but this dance track definitely screams summer as the girls work to break free of school. The song asks you to shake it and you definitely will. The MV cameos by labelmates Shownu and Wonho of MonstaX are also hilarious.

11. Teen Top - Ah Ah

Teen Top has gone a bit crazy with their neon 50's diner theme here, but it's pretty hilarious to watch the guys make fun of how girls try to get their attention. The song itself is a pretty typical dance track, but the group kills it with vocals and choreography like always. 

12. AOA - "Heart Attack"

Cheerleaders and lacrosse players, AOA has taken on the world of sports. This song is catchy and has a strong dance beat. The video features a very colorful school and follows Choa's struggle to confess to the boy she likes. He's totally oblivious. And the boys vs.girls lacrosse match scene is pretty funny as they knock down their opponents with air kisses...

What are your top tracks from June? What comebacks are you looking forward to in July? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to stay tuned for our coverage of SISTAR, AOA, and Teen Top at the respective KCON 2015 conventions!

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