The world of K-pop was still coming on strong as we headed through March. There were comebacks from veteran acts, like FTIsland and Xia, as well as rookie groups, such as Lovelyz and MadTown. Since winter seems to be clinging on a little too long, grab your music device and queue up these 13 new songs that will help kick-start your way into spring.

1. FTIsland - "Pray"

The boys of FTIsland were granted their wish with their new album I Will. With its lead single, "Pray," the album is fully self-composed and bares their hearts. We couldn't be more proud of Lee Hong Ki and the boys.

2. B.I.G. - "Between Night n Music"

B.I.G., or Boys In Groove, just debuted last year, but this song puts a unique electronic feel over a funky rhythm guitar that is sure to get you dancing!

3. Lovelyz - "μ•ˆλ…•(Hi~)"

Lovelyz is also newer to the K-pop scene. Debuting in 2014, the eight-member group has had some catchy dance hits, and this song is no exception. They are definitely the cuter side of the girl group spectrum.

4. Xia (Junsu of JYJ) - "Flower"

Xia, aka Junsu of JYJ, is back! The video has this Terminator/fantasy visual in combination with "pop meets opera" music. It's an odd combination, but Xia does it well by capitalizing on all of his vocal power.

5. Rap Monster (BTS) x Warren G - "P.D.D."

I had the chance to meet with Rap Monster and Warren G. to discuss this song before its release. With its distinct American hip-hop feel, Rap Monster delivers a message to all of those who criticize his life choices by asking them to "please don't die" so he can prove himself to the world.

6. Eric Nam - "I'm Okay"

Eric Nam is quickly becoming one of the best solo acts in Korea. This track is a ballad, in comparison to his pop songs like "Ooh Ooh," but his powerful vocals clearly relate that even though break ups hurt, he's going to survive.

Are you a fan of K-pop? See the guys of GOT7 act as guardian angels to a lonely high schooler in the fun web series Dream Knight:

7. Super Junior D&E - "Growing Pains"

Super Junior's Donghae and Eunhyuk have done it again, this time with a pop ballad rather than their go-to dance tracks. The song is deals with the sadness associated with memories of relationships that did not work out. Not really "growing pains," but we can let the translation slide...

8. MadTown - "New World"

This dance track has a great beat that will get you moving quickly. Paired with a message about making yourself happy regardless of what others think, it is sure to be a hit.

9. Henry Lau (Super Junior M) & U Sung Eun - "Love+"

Henry and Sung Eun's vocals have the best contrast. His light and sweet vocal with her powerful, slightly husky tone are a great combination. The added bonus of watching them be the cutest couple in existence makes "Love+" levels of adorable I'm not sure I can comprehend.

10. Giriboy "Take Care of You"

I'm so used to fast-paced, rap-based songs from GIRIBOY that having this slow, more mellow song come out was fantastic. The liquid effect that is most of the video is also a bit trippy.

11. GAIN - "Paradise Lost"  Although this video only has a 15+ rating, it is Gain and that, by default, means suggestive. Watch HERE at your own risk.

Gain is unapologetic in owning her image, and that's why I like her so much. She also doesn't shy away from controversial topics. "Paradise Lost" is clearly adult in nature, but the lyrics themselves convey the purity in a relationship, that it should just be between the people involved and not everyone else.

12. Boyfriend - "Bounce"

Boyfriend is back with a different fantasy concept, this time utilizing Wonderland, which is also the name of their newest mini album. The catchy dance track in contrast with the darker concept is a great move forward for this group.

13. Red Velvet - "Ice Cream Cake"

I'm not going to lie. The children's tinker toy sound in this track creeps me out, and with their high-pitched "La la la"s  it keeps me feeling like we should be in a bad horror film, but there is just something so addicting about the beat driving this song. It also is the ultimate parody of the neighborhood ice cream truck in my head.... Enjoy.

I personally look for any reason I can to play FTIsland, Boyfriend, and Ga-In, but what did you think of March's K-Pop offerings? What songs are going to make it to your playlist? Which April comeback are you looking forward to the most? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Tanya, also known as HallyuTanya, is owner of K-pop/K-drama blog HallyuKnow. Check out her most recent interview with BTS's Rap Monster and Warren G. by clicking HERE. You can also follow her crazy adventures onTwitter and Instagram!