May comebacks were strong with groups such as BIGBANG returning to the K-Pop arena, but debuts from groups like MonstaX gave them a run for their money! Here are 8 songs that dominated my iPod playlist from May 2015.

1. History "Might Just Die"

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon History. The group’s snappy dance and strong vocals are great, and the sound is a little darker than their usual tracks, but I could seriously listen to the instrumental for hours. Learning that this track was mainly composed and written by member Jiyeong, while Sihyoung helped with the raps, it explains the change of concept. There are two versions of this MV, but I prefer the "performance version", so enjoy the video below!

2. SHINee "View"

While the track itself is very typical for the group, the vocals are especially strong. There was a strong dislike among fans because of the video, however, as the beginning shows a group of girls kidnapping the members, which many took to be saesangs (crazy, obsessed fans), but overall the song is catchy and easy to listen to. 

3. MonstaX "Trespass"

Debuting this month, MonstaX has a lot to prove and the group definitely came out swinging. Who doesn’t like the confidence of a song that contains the line “excuse my charisma” twice? Take a seat, sir. There is a great balance between their rap and vocals and, accompanied with an addicting beat, this track quickly made it to the top of my list. For this track I also prefer the special cut version (called the 'Prison Break version per the MV theme) because it contains the group sans their back up dancers, which comes in handy when you're trying to learn who they are. It also just seems like they are having a lot more fun in this version.

4. Girl's Day "Hello Bubble" 

This light song is perfect for igniting the carefree feelings of summer. Rich, even vocals combined with this colorful music video and the foursome acting like their quirky selves, it's honestly just too cute!

5. N.Flying "Awesome"

I'm always looking for a good rock vibe in the kpopverse. N.Flying is definitely a group that delivers! Their sound is unique, offering that rock sound with a front man who seems more like a rapper who sings sometimes rather than a vocalist. It's honestly just something you have to hear for yourself. It'll be good, trust me!

6. Seulong "Mood Swing" (ft. Black Nut)

With his first solo release since leaving JYPE, many weren't sure exactly what to expect. This track is very mellow and rock-driven, but doesn't leave the ballad-style vocal that Seulong established for himself with 2AM. I am impressed with his leap to independence and he looks fantastic in the black and white MV which completely matches the title of the song.

7. Baek A Yeon "Shouldn't Have" (ft. Young K)

Baek A Yeon's vocals are very pure and strong. The song is catchy and feels like it should be in one of the sweetest k-drama scenes ever and I appreciate it's ability to send me to a particular state-of-mind. The playful text throughout the video, conveying a traditional style in the girl versus the more modern platform of the male, makes for a great contrast as well.

8. BIGBANG "Loser"

After three long years of waiting VIPs were presented with "Loser" and "Bae Bae" as the first of many monthly comebacks from the group. The song is definitely segmented to allow each member to shine during his part, but that has always been BIGBANG's style. That said, the laid back track connects with the feelings on not living up to expectations and, despite the serious topic, will still have you singing along.

Which songs did you like best from May? Are you looking forward to June's comebacks? Let me your thoughts on my picks and what your favorites were in the comments!

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