Rumors have been spreading over the possible disbandment of the K-pop group C-CLOWN since April of this year, and as of October 5 these rumors have been confirmed. After only a short three years since debut, Yedang Entertainment has officially announced the disbandment of C-CLOWN. 

This unfortunate news was delivered on Monday through the following statement by Yedang Entertainment, which was released on the group's Facebook and Fancafe: 

“Hello. This is Yedang Entertainment.

On July 19, 2012, the group ‘C-CLOWN’ made a brilliant debut with <SOLO>. After three years has passed, they have officially disbanded on October 5, 2015.

Yedang Entertainment and these six people (Rome, Siwoo, Ray, Kang Jun, T.K, Maru) have been together for the past three years, we bow our heads in gratitude to all the ‘CROWNs’ (fandom) who have been with us and have given love to C-CLOWN’s music.

Unfortunately, C-CLOWN’s activities have come to an end.

We ask that you continue supporting and encourage the members as they prepare to face new challenges.

As we continue, Yedang Entertainment will not forget the fans encouragements, we will continue doing our best so that we may demonstrate a better look.

The ‘C-CLOWN’ fancafe as well as the official SNS pages and YouTube channel will be closed following the grace period of one month starting today (October 5th). To fans, thank you for your understanding.

Thank you.”

Following this announcement, lead member Rome confirmed the group's disbandment and released a heartwarming farewell statement to his fans: 

“By now, you have probably all heard the news. It’s been the best three years. I’ll never forget it. I’ll miss being with my members and seeing my CROWNs. Thank you CROWNs who stuck by us no matter what! It saddens me more knowing we can’t make those dreams for C-CLOWN happen no more! We thank you. And we promise! That someday and somehow, it may not be all of us, but we will come back to you guys! CROWNs 4 lyfe! Thank you for the memories.”

There has been no news as to what caused the disbandment, but there has been news about their future involvement in the company. Despite disbanding, all the members will remain in contract with Yedang Entertainment and will either be producers for the company or reorganized into a new group with a new name.  Nonetheless, we wish only the best for the members of C-CLOWN in all their future endeavors and hope that CROWNs will continue to support them. 

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