February 16th was supposed to be the much-hyped K-POP Heart Concert in Sydney, Australia, but it seems that will be no least for least for the forseeable future. The line-up was to include BLOCK B, Ailee, Brown Eyed Girls, Afterschool, Son Dam Bi, Kim Tae Woo, Teen Top, etc. but due to "unforseen circumstances" the concert has been nixed. AUS2ONE Entertainment released a statement pretty mum on the actual reasoning for the cancelation, sighting "many issues," to fans' extreme disappointment. In scouring the facebook page for the concert, fans seemed to have been having ticket issues for weeks, so this doesn't come as much of a surprise. No word on if or when the concert will be rescheduled at this time. Do you think K-POP Heart Concert will be rescheduled?