December has arrived! I highly anticipate the month of December every year for several reasons. I love winter, Christmas, the countdown to New Year's, and it's my birthday month! Tomorrow, I celebrate another year of life, and I thought it would be a great idea to see which K-pop idols were born the first week of December too. Also, If you're a December baby, now is the time to find your idol birthday buddy!

1. ZE:A's Si Wan (December 1)

The Triangle actor turned 27 yesterday. He has been an idol since his debut with Z:EA in 2009.

2. Supernova's Yoon Hak (December 2)

The My Unfortunate Boyfriend actor turns 31 today. Supernova debuted in 2007, but he put his music career on hold when enlisted in the military in 2011. Yun Hak was discharged in 2013.

3. A-JAX's Hyeong Kon  (December 3)

My birthday buddy turns 27 tomorrow! The IRIS 2 star debuted with the boy band A-Jax in 2012.

4. BTS' Jin (December 4)

Jin turns 23 this week. He debuted as a member of Bangtan Boys (BTS) in 2013. 

5. Jewelry's Kim Ye Won (December 5)

She was part of one of the longest-running K-pop girl groups of all time. The Miss Korea actress turns 26 later this week.

6. Girls' Generation's Yuri (December 5)

She turns 26. The Fashion King actress debuted with her girl group in 2007.

7. GFRIEND's So Won (December 7)

Her girl group made their official debut in January 2015. She turns 20 in just a few days.

Happy Birthday! Which singer shares a date closest to your birthday?

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