Comebacks are always in fashion when you're in the world of K-pop. Only a week into July, the Korean music industry is still delivering new music after its large number of releases in June. Since they are happening so frequently, here is July's comeback schedule, as well as some you may have missed, to keep you up-to-date!

1. Tiny-G - Ice Baby [07.03]

Fans of Answer Me 1994 will recognize Do Hee, one third of Tiny-G, from the series. Check out their music video for "Ice Baby" below!

2. 100% - U Beauty [07.07]

With a complete 180 in concept from their previous release "Beat," the group 100% has returned with a lighter, sweeter concept for their song "U Beauty."

3. f(x) - Red light [07.07]

If you watched Heirs or To The Beautiful You, you'll recognize some face from this group, including Krystal and Sulli. F(x) is known for being on the edge of concepts. While not overly cutesy, they don't tend to go overly sexy either. Their newest song "Red Light" keeps pushing their boundaries.

4. C-Clown - Let's Love [07.08]

With the motto "you can do what you want," C-Clown has returned with their fast-paced dance song "Let's Love."

5. G.O.D - Saturday Night [07.08]

Before groups like BIGBANG, you had the first generation of K-pop groups, like G.O.D In fact, Do Hee's character in Answer Me 1994 is obsessed with a G.O.D member! Well, the group has returned after years of hiatus, releasing a new album and an M/V for the song "Saturday Night."

6. Nu'est - Judgement [07.09]

Nu'est is returning with a slightly darker, more electronic concept than fans may be used to. I look forward to seeing what the entire M/V for "Judgement" will look like! Check out the teaser:

7. Kim Hyun Joong - Beauty Beauty [07.11]

Yes, you read that right. Seems our favorite member of F4 from Boys Over Flowers, also known as Kim Hyun Joong, is returning with a new album. Sticking with his roots, the teaser for "Beauty Beauty" has me dancing along.

8. B1A4 - Solo Day [07.14]

Group B1A4 is staging a comeback right before they return to the U.S. for KCON 2014! While teaser images have been released, fans of Baro will have to wait just a bit longer to see him in the M/V for "Solo Day," which should be released on July 14th. Watch the retro game themed teaser below!

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9. Henry - Fantastic [07.14]

While usually part of Super Junior-M, Henry has always been enough of an enigma to stand his own ground. He is returning to the K-pop scene with another mini album, "Fantastic," that is due out July 14th. As a fan of Henry's ability to combine genres rather flawlessly, the teaser featuring him playing the violin has me waiting in anticipation!

10. JYJ - The Return of the King [TBA]

While the date has yet to be stated, three weeks ago, a teaser was released stating that JYJ, named for members Jae Joong, Yoo Chun, and Jun Su, will be having a comeback in July. If reports are correct, this will be the final stage for JYJ as Jae Joong and Yoo Chun are slated to enter military service by the end of the year!

The amazing thing is that this is only a start. There are several comebacks that are slated for July without specific dates, or they haven't released teasers, such as Girl's Day, Block B, SISTAR, and more! There will also be some debuts in July, including new boy groups LU:KUS who released their M/V for "So Into U" on July 4th, and B.I.G (Boys In Groove), who will be releasing their M/V for "Hello" on July 9th (check out the teaser here).

What do you think of the July comebacks? Is there a group you're really looking forward to or concepts you're anticipating? Is there any that you're really not looking forward to? Tell me all of your thoughts, the good and the bad, in the comments below! You can also give me a shout on Twitter @Hallyu_Tanya!