Your favorite boy band of blood types is cute, talented, and small enough to remember all the members’ names. The sole boy group of WM Entertainment, B1A4 has five members — four blood type A and one blood type B, hence the name. They all came to Seoul from the Korean countryside, earning them the "countryside idols" nickname. Their light-hearted attitudes and sweet music make them easy to love. Recently having a comeback with "Sweet Girl" and their B1A4 Adventure concert, now is the time to catch up!


Jung Jin Young (정진영)

November 18, 1991

Jinyoung’s resume includes leader, lead singer, main songwriter, and music producer, as well as several acting credits, including one in the hit film Miss Granny. Also, his face looks like someone drew it:

@star1 magazine



CNU is sadly the only B1A4 member not to have a Wikipedia page to himself, despite being the main dancer, having strong vocals, and also helping with rapping, writing, and producing B1A4’s music. He takes the main role in the music video for "Baby Good Night," a surprisingly cutesy video about infidelity that also gives you a chance to check out his long hair days.

Luckily, his hair looks a little more grown up these days.

(From his Instagram)



Lee Jung Hwan (이정환)

March 20, 1992

Sandeul is a very deserving lead vocalist. He’s currently rocking a blonde look, which I’ll be real, is not his best. But he pours his heart and soul into every performance, earning his fans' respect. He can also be a little goofy and dorky, like in this cat and Shaq meme imitation: 



Cha Sun Woo (차선우)

September 5, 1992

Baro is the group’s rapper, using a deep tone to bring a cooler vibe to the band’s cheerful songs. But he doesn’t miss out on the fun, either – he’s a huge fan of aegyo, making his charismatic stage presence that much more surprising.

(Elle Korea)

But you say, I only like blondes! Well, he’s got you covered.

(Pati Pati magazine)




Gong Chan Sik (공찬식)

August 14, 1993

Last but not least, Gongchan is the group’s maknae and visual (for good reason). Now, you may say, “oh Sandeul is my bias,” but every B1A4 fan knows that even though you might have a bias, Gongchan is really everyone’s bias because he is BEAUTIFUL.


And he can…make a really accurate rooster noise? At least he has a sense of humor, which is shown through his hosting of the newest season of A Song for You with f(x)’s Amber and Super Junior’s Kangin.



The End!


Who's your favorite B1A4 member? Watch Jinyoung in Miss Granny below for a chance to win a trip to Korea with DramaFever's Power of Three contest!