Hey DF watchers! So after reading all your comments for the Top 10 K-POP Questions Fans Are Sick of Answering article I realized there needed to be a part two! There were just so many other questions you all get asked, that I needed to address them! Get ready because I even mention some of your names! ^_^

Question #1

Brie gets asked "Why do they all look like girls?"

Um well first off, not all of the guys look like girls. Also since when has it been wrong for a guy to look "pretty?" Groomed brows, good hair, and good skin can make any guy appear more attractive. Toss in the stage makeup like eyeliner, foundation, and lip gloss, and you have a very pretty guy; not a guy who looks like a girl. I like to call this transformation "Idolization."

Example: Lee Taemin (Taeminnie!!!) of SHINee

Normal dude being a goof at the airport. This is called REALITY.

Lee Taemin

Idolized for 'Dream Girl' teaser photo. This is called UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.

Taemin Dream Girl Teaser

Question #2

RayRay gets asked "Why is there a guy in the girl group F(x)?"

That's Amber, she's a girl and her style concept is "Tomboy."  As you get deeper into the world of K-POP you learn that everything revolves around a concept. Each group is created with a concept, each album released has a different concept. K-POP Idols are like chameleons; their look is constantly changing with each new album concept created. With F(x) there are two concepts that stay constant: Amber's tomboy style, and Sulli wearing skirts.

fx Amber


Question #3

Justinne gets asked "Why do they all look the same?"

Ok, they don't all look the same. A group may have a unified look which makes it hard to tell them apart like B.A.P when they debuted with "Warrior" and all rocked out with the blond hair. However once the K-POP obsession kicks in you will know every defining feature of your favorites including where their birthmarks are located. (-_-)

A Unified Look


See! They don't look alike!


Question #4

Vicky gets asked "Why do you waste your time watching this?"

My first reaction to this question

Key SHINee

My answer: Watching K-POP gives life, it doesn't waste it. #HatersTakeaSeat


Question #5

Indigo Elf gets asked "What is Shipping?"

Ok so first off there are different ways to use this term. You could say "O.M.G I ship them!" "I cant stop shipping them!" "I ship him/her soo much help meee!" Basically it comes from the word relationship, and it's just used as a way to show support for a relationship regardless of gender. It's really big in the fandom world where the fans create fan fictions and pair up idols, and other random people, or things together (yes, I said things). For example during the airing of To the Beautiful You a lot of fans were "shipping" Gu Jae Hee and Cha Eun Gyul.


 Question #6


Ah this is something that comes up ALL THE TIME! Ok so the answer is yes, and no. The group DBSK, which is an acronym for Dong Bang Shin Ki meaning "The Rising Gods of the East," is the same group known as TVXQ which is just the acronym for the traditional Chinese spelling of their name. Now DBSK was at one point made up of five members. YunhoChangmin, Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun. After company issues, Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun left the group and formed their own group, JYJ. DBSK is still active with Yunho and Changmin.

The Past

DBSK past

The Present

DBSK Present



Question #7

What is EngRish?

So as a K-POP fan there are moments where you just blurt "O.M.G his/her engrishh is soo cute!!!!!" and no one knows what you're talking about. Engrish is just used to describe when an Idol speaks English. The way they pronounce words, the way they structure their sentences, that's all it is.



Question #8

Why do all the girl groups try to act and sing "cute?"

Because cute rules, literally. Being pretty and cute is highly admired, so there are a lot of girl groups who portray that image. However, the more you get into K-POP you'll learn there are more than just "cute" girl groups. Again, it all has to do with different album and image concepts. After a while you get used to the high-pitched singing and overload of aegyo. You will find yourself randomly singing one of these ultra cute songs while looking in the mirror giving the best aegyo you can!

Orange Caramel made up of Nana, Lizzy, and Raina are a super cute, and sweet-like-candy sub group of the girl group After School.

Orange Caramel Magic Girl

After School itself has an image that's a little on the sexier side.

After School

Question #9

Oh, is that a Boy group?

Swear to gawwwd this question comes up all the time! But um yes, those are boys, and they are performing in a group so that would equate to them being a Boy Group.


Question #10

What is a sasaeng fan?

So there are moments a K-POP fan will be texting or totally indulged on-line and blurt something like "O.M.G those freakin sasaengs! Leave my bias aloneee!!" A sasaeng is basically a dangerous, mentally unstable, in need of major meds and a 5 year stay at a mental health center fan. These type of fans stalk, break into dorms and homes, and even try to hurt the Idols they focus on.

Jaejoong in a scene from his movie 'Jackal is Coming' waking up to a sasaeng fan in his room.

Sasaeng fan and Jaejoong

What do you all think? Were the most annoying K-POP questions addressed? Should we just link all of our non K-POP friends to these articles and school them?! Let me know how many people you linked to this, and to the previous article, in the comment box below!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE