Need another reason to show K-pop’s worldwide popularity? Share Twitter’s Top Trending Artist list for 2016. Half of it belongs to K-pop: EXO (No. 1), BTS’ Jimin (No. 2), GOT7’s BamBam (No. 7), BTS’ Jin (No. 9), and BTS’ JungKook (No. 10).

EXO jumps up from their fourth spot in 2015 to be number one. The SM group takes the top ranking which was held by British boy band One Direction in 2015. Number two – and nine and 10, for that matter – goes to BTS. The BigHit group may have ranked number six last year, but this year they technically dominate the list by having three members on it with Jimin (No. 2), Jin (No. 9), and JungKook (No. 10). BamBam is the sole GOT7 member to rank this year’s list at number seven. Last year as a group, GOT7 was number two.

Legendary artists Prince (No. 3) and David Bowie (No. 5) made the list this year, sadly, due to their passing. Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Beyonce continue to demonstrate their fandom power and high-status in the pop music world at numbers four, six, and eight, respectively.

On Twitter’s Top Trending Topics in Music list for 2016, EXO is the only K-pop related topic to make the list at number 10. In Twitter Korea’s domestic year-end music keyword trends list, idols takeover all 10 spots. Notably, for the second consecutive year, BTS was given the “Golden Tweet”, an award for the most re-tweeted tweet, for a group photo taken after their Melon Music Awards 2016 win for Album of the Year.

Here is the full list for Twitter’s top 10 trending artists:

1. #Exo

2. #Jimin

3. #Prince

4. #JustinBieber

5. #DavidBowie

6. #OneDirection

7. #Bambam

8. #Beyonce

9. #Jin

10. #Jungkook

What K-pop artists have you been tweeting about this year?

Cover photo cr: Star Daily News/JYP Ent./GQ


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