Two idols got hitched over the weekend, which was the first of a kind in the K-pop history! Former H.O.T member Moon Hee Joon and Crayon Pop’s Soyul married on Sunday at Shilla hotel in Seoul. “I’m so nervous. I couldn’t sleep last night,” the couple confessed on the big day!

Since the wedding was private, Moon and Soyul held a press conference prior to the ceremony and shared stories about the romantic marriage proposal on a yacht.

They also shed light on what it was like to be a K-pop star couple. “I feel like we’re an idol couple every moment,” Moon said.

“I realize that we’re idols when we sing and dance to each other’s songs and also when he gives good (work-related) advice as a sunbae,” Soyul added.

Running Man’s Yoo Jae Suk, Sistar, H.O.T, Crayon Pop, and the first generation K-pop stars who ruled the 1990s along with Moon’s H.O.T, like Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo, SECHSKIES’ Eun Ji Won, and g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung, attended the ceremony. Crayon Pop’s Geummi was the lucky girl who received Soyul’s wedding bouquet.

Though many blessed the couple’s new beginning, Moon had to apologize to his fans at the conference.

Why the apology? A few days before the wedding, a fan who identified herself as Moon’s supporter of 20 years wrote about his concert tour last fall, speculating whether Moon held a tour to raise funds for the wedding.

Moon increased ticket prices in the middle of the tour and made the concerts about his marriage when it was supposed to celebrate H.O.T’s 20th debut anniversary, the nameless fan argued. Soyul’s unfitting attitude at Moon’s concert was another issue for the fan, who said Soyul made herself too comfortable by sitting with feet on handrails and playing with her phone, eating when food wasn’t allowed, pointing and laughing at the fans with her friends, and taking selfies during the concert.

Moon wrote to fans about the rumors, clearly upset that some say he thinks of “his fans as ATMs.” He touched on the issue again at the wedding conference and said, “There are a lot of fans who congratulate me and there are also fans who are upset, but I’ve always stood on stage and appeared on broadcasts with the same, grateful heart toward my fans for the past 20 years. I would like to say to my upset fans that regardless of whether or not something is true, I should have done better. I also want to say that I’m so sorry. I’m going to continue my activities with a thankful heart. I really want to apologize and say thank you.”

On the bright side, don’t Moon and Soyul look gorgeous below? Moon says he lost 33 pounds for these beautiful pre-wedding photos.

Congratulations Moon Hee Joon and Soyul!

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