Today's toon is going to be unusual as it's not a finished toon, but instead, a behind the scenes look at how I write the stories and draw the toons I post on Dramafever.

Last December, when my son, Brig, was home for Christmas break, we watched City Hunter together. (I was rewatching it, hoping for ideas for my EPIC toon, Hi-School Huntress, and he was watching a Korean TV series for the first time.  I think he liked it. But we both laughed at the "hello hello you shiny boy" song that played during the second half of the drama at sometime during EVERY episode. Honestly, the background music during the first half of the drama was much cooler.)

I have a bunch of partially finished drawings and a partially finished story but it's way WAY too much work to finish and post 120 episodes (like The Dragon Prince) here on Dramafever. So I thought I'd share a post of how I made K-drama toons.

I actually have pages of story line ideas, but here's a portion.

"Flashback: A girl (who will grow up to become Di-Na's Noona Li) is humiliated in high school. She vows revenge. She steals a newborn baby girl from a family with an uncommon Korean last name (Chub) and runs away to Texas where she starts a “Noona's Kimbap” fast food chain. She gives the baby a new last name and raises Kai Di Na to speak Korean better than Koreans, to excel in martial arts, etc. And grooming her to be “my tool for revenge.” All Di Na wants to do is eat blackened sweet potatoes and watch Pororo.

One day Di Na rescues an old man from a girls' gang Because she hears him speaking Korean. He becomes her friend. 

Noona says, “if I let you stay you have to do something. What can you do? I can cook. So? I run restaurants. Everyone here can cook. What else can you do? I can make hanboks. Okay. That's better. You can make our company uniforms. 

On graduation from Texas Middle School, Noona Li tells Di-Na that her plan for revenge is now in action. Di-Na will go to Korea with a new identity. Her goal is bring about the ruin of the 3 mean girls who wrecked Noona's life.

When Di-Na and Chul Moo get to Korea I planned to Insert a bunch of toon drawings of her in iconic Korean places. I drew them at the statue of King Sejong, tourist sites, and other iconic South Korean spots.

The man, Chul Moo will play her grandfather and be her guardian while she is there.

She goes to Daebak International High School in Seoul, and is told one of her classes is English. (But why was I assigned to this class. I speak English better than anyone here. I grew up in Texas! That is precisely why! You don't speak correct English. You speak “Texan.” Here in Korea we teach better English than they speak in the US. Mrs. Ko is her first target.

"Daebak International High School Uniforms

The reason she is here is because the 3 mean girls grew up and now work at “the most pretentious high school in Korea.”

Lunch Lady Kim who is in charge of food is Di-Na's 2nd target--(She buys Kimchi made in Japan!) Kim Young-Il and her daughter who is the queen of the school, Kim Bong Cha.

Principal of the school is Chub Mi-Cha. Daughter is Chub Mi Rae, her twin is Kyubok.

In charge of PE, is her 3rd target, the sadistic Lee Myung Ok and her sadistic daughter, Lee Ae Cha.

During revenge, she sees Chub Kyubok and gets a crush on him. Mi Rae is jealous of Di Na because she is short and everyone else in her family is tall. (How dare she look more like Kyubok's twin than I do.)

In phone call back to Noona in Texas, Di-Na mentions her crush on Kyubok and his last name. Noona says, “Are his parents In-Su and Mi-Cha?” “I don't know what his parents' names are.” “Well, find out and call me back.”

“Yes. Those are his mother and father's names, but how did you know that?

You cannot like him. You cannot get him for a boyfriend. Chultee chultee! You are his dongsaeng.

Dun Dun DUN!

She isn't as vengeful and cruel as her Noona wants so Noona Li comes to Korea to "help" with the revenge. Di-Na says “I want to be able to live here after this is over. She tries to convince her to forgive the teenage pranks, but she won't.

In the end, my City Hunter sequel K-Drama was not about vengeance and getting even.  It was going to be about forgiveness and letting go.

Oh, and for those of you who are still waiting for "The Amnesia Family" K-Drama. I'm working on it now.