Here is a preview of my action, medical K-Drama, GREEN GU VIRUS, which debuts next week. I am so excited about this. I've never written/drawn a medical action thriller before.

But before I roll the trailer, I have to explain something. As anyone who watches Korean dramas quickly finds out, you are going to see a lot of cliches or tropes. Some of these are the following: The wrist grab that shows strong emotion from the grabber to the grab-ee. The sweeping of a woman standing in the way of a vehicle, out of danger and into the arms of the hero, where they just stare at each other until she, embarrassed, breaks out of his embrace. Amnesia — any time, anywhere. Another trope I have noticed is type casting. How come the same actors always play good guys — and different actors always play bad guys? (Now, I know lots of actors play both, but I wanted to find actors for MY story that I could cast against type.) I like to BREAK TROPES. (It's just fun.) 

Now that you know that, let's watch the teaser. . .

(I think Son Ho-Jun will make an adorable bumbling mastermind. I know he says he's a genius, but Wile E. Coyote says the same thing and we all know what happens to him.)

I hope this doesn't really tick off anyone. If you are angry that I've cast Min Ho, the love of your life as a bad guy, I'm sorry.

I have always enjoyed Suzy in her dramas. I liked Gu Family Book, and I liked Dream High too. I think she'll be an effective villainess. I'm willing to give her a chance.

I got a lot of assistance in casting from my friends, the dramabeanies. I want to specifically thank Poliwag for suggesting Yu In-Young for a leading lady part. I'm anticipating good things from her in this role.

Okay. Confession time. One of the people I thought about casting as a villain was Yoo Jae Suk. I "almost" did. But then I thought, nah. People might accept Min Ho as a bad boy, but Jae Suk? Never! HOWEVER, I haven't finished writing/drawing this toon yet. And who knows, if Min Ho goes to jail his cell mate might turn out to be the grasshopper.

COMING SOON, Green Gu Virus, episode ONE. Watch for it!

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