Today is finally here. Time for episode two of Convenience Store Clerk Vampire! If you didn't read episode one, click here and read it. I'll wait.

To summarize, Sunny loves Man Soo. He's a vampire, but she doesn't know it. Also, in today's episode is a cameo by Park Ki Woong. Give me a moment to swoon. Yeah, I know he's in the military, but that doesn't stop him from acting in my K-Toons.

(And I was playing around with inserting backgrounds into the first toon, but some readers say it's distracting and makes it harder to read the dialogue. So today's episode is only "partially" backgrounded.)

Why did Gil have to come in at that moment? Poor Sunny. If he would have waited 5 more minutes, she could have confessed to Man Soo and asked him to make the two of them a couple! (Doesn't this always happen in K-Dramas?)

What's going to happen to Mi-Gi and Suk Chin? Will Man Soo ever realize Sunny is in love with him? Isn't a graveyard shift at a convenience store the perfect job for a vampire? Stay tooned to find out what happens next.

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