I'm still sniffling and wiping my nose on a tissue because of the last episode of "Convenience Store Clerk Vampire." I feel so sorry for Sunny, having a crush on a guy for THREE YEARS, and when she finally gets the courage to confess to him, he thinks she's lying to fool the loan shark.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, here click here for episodes One and Two.) 

Before I begin today's story I want to shout out to Kennedy, whom I haven't seen for years, but got to chat a little with this past week. Seriously, I should make a Korean Drama out of my life.

However, we begin Episode 3 with Mi-Gi looking to share her good news with Sunny. Isn't that just like life to bite you in the backside by letting you feel SO great about something while your best friend is depressed about something else? (Or visa versa?)

Mi-Gi and Sunny enter the P-Mart. Man Soo, of course, oblivious to Sonny's pain, is thrilled to see them.

Whoa! Kang Ha Neul is our 2nd lead? Sign me up! And what a spooty place to end today's episode. What will happen when Mi-Gi and Suk Chin go on a date? Will she be able to keep her hands off of him? And what about Sunny? Is she going to start dating the Shrimp Snack guy? Will he start making "special deliveries" to her?  Stay tooned for the next exciting episode of Convenience Store Clerk Vampire!