Whoo Hoo! It's finally time for another episode. SO MUCH IS HAPPENING TODAY! Mi Gi and Suk Chin go on their first date. Sunny is wooed by the 2nd lead. And Man Soo begins to realize just how nice it was having Sunny stop by every night for the past 3 years. (Between you and me, I'm just hoping there is a little bit of romance between one of the two couples.)

If you are lost, here are episodes ONE, TWO, and THREE to help you understand what's happening in this drama.

Even though Sunny was having tons of fun with the handsome hunky Chip, she still felt ashamed & sad. He noticed and asked her. . .

Uh oh. Somebody is in BIG trouble! Will Mi-Gi and Suk Chin continue as a couple? Will Man Soo get over his (STUPID) noble idiocy and let Sunny know his true feelings for her? Will Chip's powerful girlfriend forgive Sunny for dating the shrimp snack man? These and other questions will be answered in the final episode of Convenience Store Clerk Vampire! Be sure to stay "tooned."

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