Welcome to the first episode of a new K-Drama Toon. Convenience Store Clerk Vampire is a Drama about a traditional (old school) vampire. He's not sparkly like Twilight vampires. And he has the same restrictions as classical vampires had — namely, he will burn up into dust if he is out in the sun during daytime. So he works nights. 

Is Man Soo right? Will Suk Chin fall madly in love with Mi-Gi? Does anybody else use old RomComs as blueprints on how to create romantic relationships? Would that work? (Should I dress up like a boy to get closer to my crush?) Stay tooned for episode TWO!  (Oh, and thank you to all the beanies at Dramabeans who helped me cast my RomCom. Thanks, guys for all your toon help!)

What happens when a lusty virgin ghost possesses a shy young kitchen assistant? Find out in Kim Seul Gi's quirky new comedy Oh My Ghostess: