Don't you just hate it when every guy you meet falls instantly in love with you? Yeah, it's never happened to me, either, but it is our female lead's dilemma. And she does hate it. 

If you remember last episode, Mi-An went hermit on us and withdrew from society. Her days and nights are spent watching videos and eating take out jjajangmyeon.

That's where we begin today. 


Meanwhile, Jin-Ji and Gyo are having a serious discussion. . .

What a strange proposal. Gyo is sweet, but kind of socially awkward. I wonder if Jin-Ji accepted?

Well, I suppose if you want to make sure a guy's not going to be infatuated with you, the best way is to show him your hairy legs?

Still, I wonder if the jjajangmyeon delivery guy will do now?

So, he's going to be her friend. 

I seriously hope he doesn't like her, because if I've learned one thing from my K-drama watching addiction, it is that the nice guy-good-friend NEVER gets the girl.

Still, I'm happy that he's getting Mi-An out of her funk.

Is that psychologically tricky or what? Did you notice how he not only got her to leave the TV, but now he's getting her to go back to doing the thing she loved, run her gorilla cafe? He is quite the smart 2nd lead, isn't he? (Or, considering all her admirers, he's probably technically more the 10th lead.)

And if you're wondering what happened to her "stalkers," you'll get your answer in the last panel.

Wow. Will D.B. help Mi-An find her soul mate? Will Mi-An's stalkers join the monastery? Will Jin-Ji and Gyo get married? Can you bear to wait until next episode? (Which, by the way, is the final episode.)

And if you've got questions about past happenings to Mi-An or any other in the cast, here are episodes, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to refresh your memory.

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