I know it's been two weeks and NO updates about Ra Mi-An's love life. I'm sorry. But FINALLY, here is today's episode. (And it's one of those happy/sad ones that always comes near the end of a Rom/Com.)

First, since it's been so long, you might need to refresh your memory of who these characters are. So here's the backstories. Episode ONE, TWO, THREE, and FOUR.

Now, back to Jin-Ji and Gyo's date. Let's see what Jin-Ji did when Gyo mentioned Mi-An.

Wow. Lucky Jin-Ji. And poor Mi-An. I wonder what kind of guys her mother is going to set her up with?

After dating the baby, she dutifully goes out with an old man, an executioner, and a shaman. (What was her mother thinking?)

Finally, Mi-An reached the breaking point. In her estimation, Mi-An had fulfilled her filial duties. And so she told her mother. . .

Is this how Mi-An's story will end? And what is happening with Jin-Ji and Gyo? Are they going to live happily ever after? Stay tooned, gracious readers.

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