Sorry for the wait if you've been wondering what's happening to Ra Mi-An and her sister, Jin-Ji. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. But back to my K-Drama. As we left last episode, Jin-Ji was just getting ready to leave for work. Let's see what happened when she got there.

Whoo hoo! Isn't that just like life. When you think everything stinks, a cute guy you've never noticed confesses to you in your patrol car. (Well, that's never happened to me, actually, but I'm happy for Jin-Ji.) Let's see what happens as she gets ready for "the big date."

Just then, Mi-An's phone music goes off. . .

But sometimes LIFE gives you lemons — and sometimes it gives you G-dragons (and their date.)

After listening to him yell for a while, G-dragon's date calms him down with an observation. And then, Mi-An makes an observation of her own.

It looks like Mi-An's problem is solved, for now. She showed her guests to the dining room where a sumptuous, sixteen-plate meal awaited them. (First she led G-dragon's date to the restroom where she could remove her "Louis Vuitton" and refresh herself so she didn't have expensive-bag-hair.)

But, I am sure you are all wondering how Jin-Ji's evening is going.

Let's check. . .

WHAT!? Does Gyo have the hots for Mi-An, too? Poor Jin-Ji! Poor Mi-An, are three guys going to stalk her now? Stay tooned for the next installment of "Everybody Loves Ramen"

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