I can't believe it's going to be over after today! We have SOOO many unanswered questions. (I hope this isn't one of those "open ended" dramas where the audience has to figure out what happened to everyone. I want things to be WRAPPED UP!)

If you haven't been watching, here's what happened in One, Two, Three, and Four. Click on any number to revisit that episode.

Okay, are we all caught up now? Then let's get to today's story. Sunny is in danger of being beaten up by Chip's jealous girlfriend.

Man Soo can change into a bat? I didn't know that. But what good is a teensy bat against Chip's large lady? And what happens when he changes back if his clothes are still in the P-Mart?

Well, that worked out well. All Man Soo has to do is get back to the P-Mart ahead of Sunny in time to put on his clothes, otherwise, she'll walk in on him in the nude. (And we know that NEVER happens in K-Dramas. . .oh, right.)

What happened to Mi-Gi and Suk Chin after Sunny kicked them out? This. . .

And here's what happened to Chip and his girlfriend.

It's time for the closing credits. Stay "tooned" for my next K-Drama Toon. It's going to be a Medical Action Thriller, "Green Gu Virus." (But now, on to the ending of today's toon.)

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