Sorry it took so long for me to finish today's episode of Green Gu Virus. (I know you have all been refreshing DramaFever news every hour, looking for the next installment.)  But I promise, stuff happens today, the drama is just zipping along!

As always, if you haven't read episodes One or Two, here they are.

If you are ready, we will join our villains in their clandestine laboratory for a meeting of the evil minds.

A few weeks later Hong Young experienced SUCCESS!

Well, no wonder Mi-Rae grew up to be such a depraved woman. She grew up with no guidance, no boundaries, no rules. But back to our story. . .

Whoa? Is it over already? What will happen to that poor green patient? Why did Wu name a secret disease after himself? (Maybe he's not the genius I thought he was in the trailer.) And give it up for Suzy, who not only played herself at five, but also looked Oscar-winningly grungy! Be sure and stay tooned for the next episode of Green Gu Virus.

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