I was hoping that we'd get some "cute" today. And we do get a little, but not enough. Honestly. What is with these villains? They just keep getting away with murder — LITERALLY!

For those of you who aren't caught up, here are links to One, Two, Three, and Four. Oh, and here is a trailer if you want to see the cast.

Now, speaking about today's episode, even though I think Wu Wu and the evil 2 have been doing too many vile deeds, ie.) unleashing a disease that turns women's faces green, killing Wu Wu's uncle, and building up World Wide Gu into a corporate cabal, Wu Wu obviously isn't satisfied. . .

Hong Young will work on making Mi-Ni's hair ornaments super dense. Really? isn't it time for a little romantic cuteness, okay? Please?

Good! Good! Good! Lawyer Kim and Dr. Bu's romance is just zipping along. I'm so happy to be able to watch something sweet and fluttery, because while those two were getting to know each other, Hong Young has developed a dense hair ornament. (I wish he weren't so smart and capable at doing disgusting things.)

Great! More death and destruction. At least Mi-Cha and Jung Hwa's romance is humming along, building momentum. (I want to see a kiss!!!)

Well that just sucks socks! No romance. Dead good guys. What is happening to my little toon K-drama? Stick around and see if it all works out!

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