All of us addicted K-drama watchers know that there are lots of episodes where it appears evil is triumphing over good. Hopefully this will be remedied by the finale of Green Gu Virus, and we'll have a happy ending, but you never know. I mean, I've watched K-dramas where some of my favorite characters get killed off. (SPOILER ALERT: City Hunter, Rooftop Prince, and The Duo, I'm talking to you!)

But enough about other dramas; let's concentrate on what is happening to our cast in today's episode.

First off, if you haven't been keeping track, the virus has been unleashed. And Korean women are being infected. (Here are episodes One, Two, and Three if you need to refresh your memory.)

Secondly, in our first panel we are introduced to Dr. Bu Mi-Cha, our female lead, played by Yoo In-Young. (It's taken long enough to meet her, but there is lots of stuff happening in this drama. I'll try and help you keep it all straight.)

Explanation: You know what a mat-seon is, right? Well, if you don't, it's kind of a blind date that Korean parents (usually the mother) set up for their children of marriageable age with acceptable (to the parents) possible spouses. As if Dr. Bu doesn't have enough to worry about, with so many women in Korea coming down with green faces. But I suppose when your mother asks you, you make time — even if you don't have it.

So the two leads have met. (I wonder if they will fall in love. Actually, I don't wonder at all — I already know. But I am NOT going to tell!)

Meanwhile, back in the underground lair of our story's bad guys. . .

Oh no! It's a cliff hanger! Poor Mi-Ni, the model spokeswoman. Why is she in Korea just when Wu Wu wants her dead? And what dastardly plan will Hong Young and Mi-Rae concoct to do her in? Oh, I don't know if I can watch. I want more "cute" in my drama. Watching Ho-Jun, Min Ho, and Suzy be wicked just scares me. But I'm going to stay "tooned!" And I hope you do too!

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