Today (and I know you've all been waiting for this) is the first episode of my newest K-Toon medical thriller, Green Gu Virus. If you missed last week's Trailer & Cast List, just click to view.

We'll begin with a flashback* back story.

*One of the advantages of K-Tooning a drama is that I don't have to use child actors for my cast in back stories. Nope, in today's drama, Lee Min Ho, Bae Suzy, and Son Ho Jun will all play themselves as 7 year olds. (Pretty good acting, if you ask me.) So, remember, it's about 1985. . .

Wow! Can you believe that? I don't believe I've ever seen a spokes model diss a product on LIVE TV! I bet something big resulted because of that.  

Would you let a seven-year-old take over your company? Well, maybe. If there was no one else available. But World Wide Gu had been started by the Gu Brothers, Wu's appa and his uncle Pu. So. . .

Gasp! Never sign a document without reading it. EVEN a kid should know that, right? I wonder what kind of power Hong Young & Mi-Rae will have over Wu Wu if they are able to "fix it" for him?

Obligatory Time Skip:

So, what was on the contract with the devils that Wu Wu signed? Will he be able to avenge his father? When are Lee Kwang Soo and Yu In Young going to be introduced into the drama? These and other pressing questions might be answered in episode two of Green Gu Virus. Stay tooned!

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