Well ha ha ha! Poor Gu Wu Wu. As he sits in his mammoth dining room, eating his expensive repast, he feels. . .sadness, but he doesn't know why.

What???? Hong Young has already sent evidence of Wu Wu's guilt to Kim Yusin General Hospital? I wonder which random doctor it will be addressed to?

OH NO! What has happened to Dr. Bu? What terrible crime have Hong Young and Mi-Rae committed now? I've watched enough K-Dramas to know that you can't count on any character living through the final episode. I swear, drama, if you've killed off Mi-Cha before she gets a kiss from Lawyer Kim I will not be happy!!! Be sure and stay tooned! Next episode is the drama's final.

If you've read today's toon and are completely lost, here are episodes One, Two, three, four, and five to help you make some sense out of this.