Well who saw this coming??? I certainly didn't. But let's all get ready, because whether we like it or not, Green Gu Virus is coming to an end today. And some of the things that happen are unbelievable. If you've been with me since the beginning, you know that I was trying to do a K-drama that broke some of the cliches. (Yeah, yeah, I know there were still some in here), but if you stick with me til the end, you'll see something I don't think I've ever seen in a K-drama before. (I could be wrong. Let me know.) 

Do you remember what happened at the end of last episode? Dr. Bu had just been mailed a bunch of incriminating evidence against Gu Wu Wu. And Hong and Mi-Rae were on their way to dispose of her. Poor Lawyer Kim lost contact with her and believes the worst. He runs to Kim Yusin General Hospital, fearing that Dr. Bu has been a victim of evil.

I wish Lawyer Kim would just admit that he's smitten with Dr. Bu. But back to our drama. . .

Using Hong's brilliant disguises, Mi-Rae and Hong make it past the police and next we see them in a fancy EXPENSIVE personal jet.  

Wow, so as of right now, here is what happened to our main characters.

Good. (I knew Lawyer Kim loved Dr. Bu.)

Mandatory 1 month time skip:  What has happened to everyone?

I can't believe it! I killed off Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy. (Oh, I hope the netizens don't come after me. I promise they're not jjinja dead, just their characters. But that's something I don't think ever happened before? I can't remember a K-drama where either Suzy or Min Ho died. I know I thought he died in City Hunter, but then, (spoiler alert) he didn't. But trust me, he's dead in this one.)

If you need to review this toon, or if you are a K-drama producer and you want to see the whole thing before you ask me permission to make it and pay me lots of money, here are the previous episodes. ONE, TWO,THREE, FOUR, FIVE, and SIX.

And stay tooned. My next K-Drama Toon is going to be a Rom Com. (If you have any favorites you'd like me to cast, comment below and I might see if I can persuade them.)

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