I probably shouldn't read the Facebook comments about my toons, but I do. And some of them bugged me so much I'm going to address them INSIDE of today's episode. 

But first, I was really curious about our lead's, (Kim Jung Hwa played by Lee Kwang Soo) backstory. So I wrote & drew it and that is what we get to see first in today's episode.

Like always, if you're new to Green Gu Virus, here is a link to episode Episode One so you can see what has happened in this drama before today. . .

As I said last week, one of the perks of doing a drama toon is that my actors can play themselves as kids. In today's episode, Kwang Soo shows his dramatic chops by playing himself from four to seven years old. Wow! Tell me another drama where an actor does that! Big props to him! 

And now, here's today's episode:

How sad, huh? His parents stick around looking for him and at the same time, he looks for them. As time went on, his parents got more and more discouraged. Everyone told them to continue was hopeless. Eventually, they booked plane fare back to Korea. On their last day, their last hour in Africa they noticed a bunch of giraffes being herded by a jungle boy. "How sweet they are being to him," marveled Mrs. Kim. An elderly woman told her what she knew about the strange feral child.

So Jung Hwa went back to Korea. His life had been forever changed, though, from his three years with the giraffes.

STOP THE DRAMA!  This is where I'm ending it today. Sorry if you're really curious about Min Ho or Suzy's back story. Because I have to address the negative comments I've been getting. So many people are complaining about how plain Suzy looks in this toon. WELL DUH! It's her character! Have you whiners never watched a Korean Drama? What about Coffee Prince?


Well, that's it for this episode. Because I had to reply to all my haters, I couldn't even really get to Suzy, Min Ho, or Yu In Young's back stories. I suppose we'll have to wait until next time. So stay "tooned!"

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