(Spoiler Alert!) I'm not going to reveal the title of my newest Rom/Com until the last panel. But I'm so excited about the first episode of my newest K-drama starring IU. (She is just so cute. I loved her on Infinity Challenge!) Maybe she'll sing at some point. I love her voice. If I could figure out a way for her to sing in a toon, I'd do it!

I haven't cast the whole drama yet, so if there is someone you'd like to see get a part, let me know. (I do listen to suggestions. Just read today's episode and you'll see that I cast someone because a DramaFever reader asked me to.

But once they sit down to eat their sumptuous meal, Cha Hee is displeased about something.

So that's it for episode One. Stay tooned to see why everybody loves Ramen.

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