The fox (who is my alter ego — if I were male — and a canid, the biological term for fox,) was sitting at home, chilling, watching his favorite K-Drama when his reality took a sharp left turn. How many of you have wondered while watching a drama where reason took a vacation, "why the heck did the writer do this? And who okayed it?"

I have loved the beginning of so many rom-coms, sageuks, and dramas, only to be disappointed when logic left the building. I loved Shine or Go Crazy up until the very final episode. Shark? Started out so suspenseful and well written until the cast started taking idiot pills! Birth of a Beauty? Ah, I was hooked on it until the female lead started trusting the guy who was trying to KILL HER BOYFRIEND!!  

And don't even  get me started on Sensory Couple

That's what inspired me to draw this. 

And that's why I love shows like Healer and Greatest Love with such a loyal passion. Still, read the toon and see if you don't have some sympathy for Korean TV writers and producers.

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