Scarlet Heart Ryeo was the first Historical Drama in a while that I anxiously looked forward to every week. (I felt cheated the week there was only one episode.) But, if I'm being honest, Su frustrated me. Especially how she got so upset with So over how he handled Chae-ryung. I TRIED to look at it from Su's perspective. Okay, Chae-ryung did give Su medicine for her legs. But come on! 

If that servant girl hadn't put mercury in the king's bath, Su's legs wouldn't have gotten twisted from torture in the first place and her knees would have been fine. Chae-ryung was a friend in the palace. But come on! It was during the time she was SPYING on her and informing the king's nasty mother and sister/wife! Okay, maybe it was cruel that Chae-ryung was beaten to death, rolled up in a rug, and in front of all the court ladies. But hey! The girl had murdered a king and spied on another king's mistress. You just don't do stuff like that to royalty and not suffer consequences. 

And did anyone other than me get frustrated by Su's relationship with 4th Prince Wang So? She kept going back and forth and forth and back. "I love you. You can trust me. I know you've been abandoned by those you love--so I'll never leave you. Whoops. I'm leaving! Okay, I'm back. I love you. I'll stay with you. Wait--I'm going to leave again." (repeat) 


I jjinja liked this drama, but it also kinda drove me nuts. So I decided to toon why Su an alternate ending.. 

This "fixing" of K-dramas is something I do. If you were satisfied with the ending, I'm happy for you. But it bugged me.

I'll start with an abbreviated cast list. 

And now. . .the final episode. . .

And so Su goes to the prison to get answers from Chae-ryung.

Su realizes something from her heart to heart with Chae-ryung. So she asks King So for a favor. Which leads to her asking Jung for a favor. . .

In my ending we can see that Su was an influence for good in the King's life. And the reason she left WASN'T because she was mad because he killed the spy, but to protect her baby.

Here's my blog if you want to look at other original K-drama toons, or alternate endings.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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