What a fun drama. (And I love the opening music!) I don't want to post a spoiler, so if you haven't watched Let's Fight Ghost yet, go ahead, marathon it. I can wait. Bookmark this and come back when you're finished.

But if you have watched it--didn't it kind of bug you that Bong-pal's uncle, the monk, didn't warn him about his demon professor?

Didn't if bother you that Uncle Monk saw Hyun-ji's school ID card in the evil dog doctor's drawer and never thought to say, "hey, nephew. You know that girl you like, the one in the hospital who's been in a coma for five years? Yeah, well, she's in danger."?

Well, it annoyed me. So much, that even before the show was over, I tried to figure out the reason why Uncle Monk acted the way he did. And I worked out an ending that satisfied my annoyance. 

So here it is--not the real ending, but how I think the drama should have played out. . .


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Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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