SPOILER ALERT: Today's K-Toon is what happened when Claire and Kara (both K-Drama addicts) noticed an unnatural occurrence in the drama The Scholar Who Walks the Night, and it contains some story information that you might not be aware of if you haven't been watching. If you're worried about seeing some plot point you don't want to — go over and marathon watch the episodes until you've seen all that Dramafever has aired here so far. 

Watch the latest episode of Scholar Who Walks the Night:

If you're wondering what's happening in my current K-toon Green Gu Virus, the next episode will be up soon.

I just had to draw this toon because someone online noticed something peculiar about what happens to the men in Lee Jun Ki's latest drama, and I thought, "What a great toon idea!"

And so, with that explanation, here's Kara, who has just walked in on her BF Claire, who is (what else) watching a K-Drama.

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