Have you been admiring the clothes on Good Doctor? Now you can find the pieces for yourself!

For those who haven't watched the latest episode (17) yet, don't worry I won't spoil anything. This post features some clothes Moon Chae Yeon's character, Cha Yoon Seo and Kim Min Seo's character, Yoo Chae Kyung wears. Most of these pieces are quite pricey, but you can find similar pieces easily.

In this one scene, Yoo Seo wears a red plaid shirt under her doctor coat that transfer after see changes out into a black jacket. This shirt is from the brand, Maje, the Degriffe Oversized Plaid Cotton Shirt featuring a leather patch pocket. Click the image below to buy it.

If the price is too steep for you (probably is), Forever 21 has a similar one for 22$ here.

While eating fresh with that obvious sponsoring from Subway, Yoo Seo enjoys her food with a flare blouse under her black sweater. The blouse is by Kenzo, the Cloud-print Cotton Shirt, click the image to buy it.

Lastly, Chae Kyung's floral coat. It is quite the statement piece, isn't? The brand that makes it is Obzee Kang Ji Young, it is from their S/S 2013 collection. There are no available retailers online that sell this jacket.

Maria (K-world Style)

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