If you are a Neko Astume fan, you can now have your favorite kitties literally hang around you all day. The Japanese store Kadokawa has created hanging cup figures from the Puttito series. The set has six figures in total, find out if your favorites made the cut!

The six figures in the set are Peaches (Cream-san), Smokey (Kuroneko-san), Snowball (Shironeko-san), Kathmandu (Muromayu-san), Mr. Meowgi (Osamurai-son), and Bob the Cat (Yamaneko-san). And you can now decorate your drinks with your favorite character. 

These are the proofs of what the figures will look like:


Check out the cute packaging it comes in:

Did your favorite characters make the cut? I hope they roll out the next one with tubbs!