Kahi, who had a dreamy wedding in Hawaii in March, is now a mother of a baby boy! Yesterday, Kahi’s husband remained patiently by her side while she went through 12 hours of pain before giving birth. The beautiful Dream High 2 actress is healthy and so is the son, who weighted 5.5lbs big at the time of birth.

Kahi has been calling her son by a nickname, Ddakji, and eagerly waiting for his arrival with besties like So Yoo Jin and Chriselle Lim.

Kahi married an Incase Korea CEO Yang Joon Moo in March after dating for a long time. 

Scroll down to see Kahi with a beautiful pregnancy belly!

Kahi is currently resting at a maternity spa with her baby.

Congratulations, Kahi! Which TV shows should this family star in? Do tell us below!

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Photos: Kahi / @imisskahi


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